• When: 2018-12-24
  • QIC: Venti
  • The PAX: Misfire, Cesspool, Hawg, Hustler, Eldrick, Bluegrass, Nap

Christmas Eve Convergence at The Swamp

Location- Crayton MS, Swamp Fox

Conditions- clear and 43°


Wanted to make sure all the boys got in a good boot camp today with most being on Tuesdays.  We all have lots of eating,  drinking,  and isn’t swapping upcoming… still this served as a calorie burn and a pre stress,  stress reliever!  Let’s face it,  not all in- laws are made equal! 8 PAX showed for the holiday beat down.

Tha Thang-

Disclaimer, SSH- 20 count and that was enough of a warm up.

On the mini hill beside the tree of life we did Sheets favorite workout.  Start at the top with ten meekins, jog down,  10 monley bumpers, run backward up the hill.  Repeat and drop a rep everytime all the way down to 1. BRUTAL ON THE QUADS!

After finishing the term hill ladder we went into our SANTA Circuit Tour around campus.

24 (Christmas Eve Date) Squat jumps at the Tree of Life

Going to the tennis courts for the Agassi suicide

Jog to school sign for 24  Nerkins

Jog to back corner for 24 Twisting Leg Hugs

Jog back to starting hill area for 24 American hammers…. hopefully you could see the exercises spelled out SANTA.

The workout got very  burpee-ish from here.  Same type hill ladder but with 10 big boys at the top,  5 burpees at the bottom,  forward run back up.  These went down by 2 for big boys and 1 for burpees so only 5 hills.  Did brief wall sits between each start.

The finisher was on the basketball courts where we did burpee suicides in two groups,  with one waiting while doing a different exercise on a partner to finish and switch.  Call was for two burpees on each court line (baseline,  free throw,  half court,  free throw,  baseline). The were 6 rounds as follows:

1. Regular burpees,  wall sit,  backward run back  2. Hand release burpee,  wall sit,  backward run back   3. The Wolverine Burpee, high plank,  front run back   4. Tony Hawk  burpee,  LBCs, side shuffle back    5. Yurpee  burpees, six inches,  side shuffle back    6. All go same time,  Turk and Burps, jog back- FINISHED mosey to COT.

If you don’t know those burpees look them up on F3 Lexicon. You won’t regret it!  Closed with a devo on the story of the three trees.  It reminds us that life is about THE King and serving his purpose.  Life doesn’t always go as we plan,  but when we have our hearts in the right place we are ready to serve and go as the Lord commands.  This Christmas season serve others and be a light unto others a bright as that star was the first Christmas night.

Merry Christmas F3 Columbia!