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Chaser's Merry-Go-Round

35 pax took to the soggy fields of Dreher High School for a station-to-station pain fest, concocted by Chaser on his way home from the beach.

Conditions: 75 degrees with about 273% humidity

The Thang:

Mosey lap to Lower Field

Station Exercises Dictated by Signs:

Station 1
30 sec Merkins
30 sec CDD
30 sec Diamond Merkin
30 sec Decline Merkin-partner switch-30 sec
60 sec low plank

Station 2
30 sec Iron Cross-partner switch-30 sec
30 sec Russian Twist
30 sec Freddie
30 sec sit up
60 sec low plank

Station 3
30 sec Mountain Climber
30 sec Jungle Boi
30 sec Stationary Lunge
30 sec Calf Raise
30 sec Squat
60 sec low plank

Station 4
30 sec Burpees
30 sec Row
30 sec Burpees
30 sec Giggling Nibblers-switch sides-30 sec
60 sec low plank


150 yard sprint finish to COT

Ball of Man


  • Beano’s group (my group, as “luck” would have it) seemed to finish each station ahead of the other groups, a fact noted and attributed to Beano’s military precision and complete lack of breathing space between reps. 30 seconds on, then 30 more seconds on. No off. The low plank was the recovery. Since we rotated to the next station every time while the group ahead was still finishing, Beano filled the void with SSH. Lots of them.
  • The Billy Zane candidates from Saturday did not post.
  • No more beach trips for Chaser — this one was creative and hard.
  • Mulch pulled up lame during the sprint at the end in perfect Eau Claire Bailout form. This one, however, appeared to be real and not an #ECB. Heal quickly!
  • The FNG naming process is always fun. Today was no exception when the pax was reminded that youth is wasted on the young (Calvin). We also completely missed the #MonkeyFeet sported by Bieber.
  • Vacation Epsteins Mothers: Mandella, Roscoe, Jazz
  • Upcoming Events: June 19 – Beano’s Change of Command Ceremony, June 21 – Junior Achievement 5K, June 22 – Cookout at Heartbreaker’s home
  • There will be NO Gears on this Sunday morning.
  • Amble rolling along nicely, MWF at Kathwood Baptist (0545-0630)


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