• When: 2017-11-16
  • QIC: Biggie Smalls
  • The PAX: Welcome Week, Nard Dog, Tin Tin, Spot, Mail Order, Jenny, Beads, Cess Pool, Subprime, Bigworm, Traitor, Huffy

Canada’s Winter Olympics Training Program

Conditions: 40 & Clear

The Thang:  I’m not really sure how it happened, but this was my 3rd bootcamp Q in a week, so YHC knew he had to bring the pain.  In typical Thunder fashion, so YHC decided to go with what he knew, thus the Winter Olympics Training program began!

1 min warning

Welcome / disclaimer / No FNGs

Quick mosey around the building for a mobile COP with 3 stops before ending in Emily Douglas Park

COP Stops

1st: SSH x 20 IC

2nd: Calf Raises OYO (15 forward, 15 toes in, 15 toes out, 15 forward)

Hold high plank while others finish

Merkins x 15 OYO

3rd: LBAC (16 forward, 16 backwards, 16 overhead claps (simulating the applause we will soon get when we when gold))

A downhill lunge walk into Emily Douglas Park: the premier Winter Olympics training facility

Time for the training program to truly begin focusing on specific aspects of each Winter Olympic sport:

Bobsled: We needed to focus on teamwork, agility and squat strength

Pax partnered up to complete 200 squats. Partner one squatted while partner 2 crossed the field, touched the tree (had to check for syrup sense is was Canada inspired) and ran back to switch with their partner.  This simulated the running agility needed to get the bobsled going and the squat position need to stay tight in the sled.

Hockey: We needed to focus on strength and fighting ability (though we do avoid conflict at all costs… remember, Canada inspired)

25 Bench Press with Blocks IC

25 Curls with Blocks IC

30 Big Boy Situps with jabs at the top of each situp IC

25 over head presses (pax needed to know what it feels like to lift the Stanley Cup.  May not be Olympics but they needed it sense the State teams stink)

Luge: We needed a strong focus on our core while learning how to anticipate the course.

Pax held 6 inches while YHC called out left and right turns that needed pax to address accordingly.  When the finish line was in site, we fludder kicked IC to foster a strong will to finish strong.

Skeleton: Now this is the event that the pax were not ready for.  The Skeleton event is not for the weak of heart.  You are flying down a hill, head first, without a steering or breaking mechanism.  Your back and core MUST be ready so it was Superman time.

Superman (legs and arms/chest off the ground)

Shift to “Y”s (same as superman, but the arms are spread wider)

From the Y position, pax completed 10 “W”s (pull your arms back into a W position and then lift your elbows towards the sky).  Pax felt this instantly in their backs and I see it becoming more common in the future.

Figure Skating: The often overlooked art expression was not missed today.  Pax focused on developing grace and coordination.

SSH- in place at first, then moving around the circle

squat jumps x 10 OYO


Speed Skating: to prepare for this event, pax needed to focus on quick muscle reactions while also finding comfort in pain.

Pax split into 2 teams for an old fashion relay race.  All pax held air chair with the block in their lap, while one of their team mates sprinted to YHC and back to the group.  In the end, team one took the W!

Curling: a cherished Scottish tradition perfected in Canada.  Champions of this great sport need strength and coordination, so it was back to block work.

25 Curls with blocks IC

15 one arm curl swings for each arm (not really sure what to call what we were doing, but they hurt and we were kinda lunging)

We need specialized equipment for our next few exercises, so pax put away the blocks and did a quick mosey back to Hand.

Skiing (of all sorts): Skiing is known for it’s easy ability to learn, but is very tricky to master.  To get pax closer to mastery, it was time to work on jumps and strengthen stabilizing muscles.

Pax partnered up again.  Partner one practiced their slalom skiing with bunny jumps over the parking blocks. Partner 2 ran to the wall and completed 10 box jumps (prep for the high jump skiing).  Each partnered completed 2 sets of 10 box jumps allowing for a great slalom jump burn.

Biathlon: Last in the line-up, but certainly not least in out hearts.  Pax were training their endurance and ability to quickly drop to the ground and get ready to aim and shoot.

30 side-to-side bunny jumps over the parking lines

5 burpees

Soon it was time for training to end so pax took a quick mosey to the flag.  With a few minutes remaining we revisited key areas of the training program.

2 min of Luge exercises

2 min of Skeleton exercises

… and recover!


Announcements & Prayers


Running convergence at Ramble on Wednesday.  5k-ish with Coffee to follow

Turkey day convergence @ Brickpile @ 7am

Closing Prayer

Devo – Message from Tin Tin