• When: 2017-11-16
  • QIC: Garnish, Billy Bob
  • The PAX: Wally, Splinter, Detour, Pinkman, RA, Eldric, Misfire

Hammer’s Running Duel Q

9 PAX gathered at Hammer for a Billy Bob/Garnish duel Q. Running was heavily involved, about 1.75 miles total starting from the AO down Briarfield, to Sylvan, to Reamer and eventually back to AO.

Conditions: 40 and clear

The Thang:

Circle up for warmups:
Billy Bob-SSH x 25 IC
Garnish-markins x 10 IC

Run down Briarfield and stop at the “bottom” for 2 hill suicides, finishing at the top at Sylvan.
Billy Bob- LBCs x 30 IC
Garnish- 10 merkins, 10 carolina dry dock, 10 hand release merkins
Billy Bob- flutter kicks x 25 IC, Freddie Mercury x 15 IC
Garnish- 1 minute airchair, lunge walk to next driveway, 1 minute airchair, lunge walk back to the road
Billy Bob- 25 jump squats, 25 knerkins
Garnish- planks
Billy Bob (back at the school, on the rail)- 25 inverted rows, 40 incline merkins, 25 inverted rows, 40 incline merkins
Garnish- flutter kicks, LBC, Russian twists, OYO 10 down to 7
Billy Bob- all out back to the flag, 2 minutes of max merkins

Thanksgiving convergence next week, Hammer gets the Q for winning Cannonball Run
Big thanks to Pinkman for the new gloves!