• When: 11-16-2017
  • QIC: Cramps
  • The PAX: Ravens, Chuck Wagon, Honey Boo Boo, Reading Rainbow, Stalker, Brick, Inspector Mom(PPP), Slumlord, Double Fault, FNG- Brent Still, Grave Digger, Tribe, Meatball, Spaghettios, Mercy Rule, Bouche, Scotch, Cramps.

7 minute abs, if you aren’t happy with the first 7 minutes, we’ll send you the extra minute FREE!

18 Pax Appeared in the Gloom for an ab filled workout.  Apologies for the wet grass, but I can’t control the dew.  Attendance was great, men of the Hollow always ready for an F3 Bootcamp.  Cheers to the Stride Lite squad prior to BC.

Conditions: 40 degrees

Disclaimer: Listen to your bodies, but If something does Happen, Vital Energy PT is right around the corner.  Also the M’s phone was used this morning to conserve data, so if you like the music you can thank FiA:Click.

FNG’s = 1

Mosey to Block Pile and Bring to Band Field – Line the blocks along the side line closest to school.  Leave blocks and circle up in the middle of the field.

The Thang:  Started with a song called “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons.  [Thunder Hydraulics] Begin in a low plank and every time they say “Thunder” you perform hydraulics from Low Plank > High Plank and High Plank > Low Plank when they say it again, lasts about 3 in half minutes.


Line up on far side line away from blocks and perform Ab Exercises of my choice on my count.  Sprint across the field towards your block and perform a block exercise.

Boat/Canoe x 25 – Sprint – Squat with block x 25 – Sprint back

Freddy Mercury x 20FWD/20BWD – Sprint – Curls for the girls x 25 – Sprint Back

Wide Leg sit up with Tomahawk Chop to opposite foot x 20 – Sprint – Thrusters x 15 – Sprint Back

Side lying Oblique tap 20 each side – Sprint – Block swings x 25 – Sprint Back

Scissors OMC switch every 10 sec for a 1:10 sec – Sprint – Merkins on the block

Walking lunge with block from side line to side line and back.

Return blocks to block pile.

Mosey to courtyard for wall sits.  Performed 2 minute wall sits with alternating leg lifts every 10 seconds.  Get into a deep wall sit for remaining 30 seconds.

10 burpees and 1 lap around parking lot.

High Plank waiting on the 6.  Remain in high plank and perform 30 plank jacks, followed by 30 mountain climbers, followed by 2 minute low plank.

Return to Shovel Flag


Name-o-rama: FNG = Brent Still = General Contractor, 4 kids, from Barnwell.  Tool Time,  Sperminator, Mr. Fix it, War Mule, Strip Mall, Strip Mall it is #tclaps to SlumLord for the name.


  • Thanksgiving Thursday, Surge is closed, alternates are CAT and HOLLOW, 6:00 AM each, (please confirm times if you are going to join)
  • Christmas Party Dec 15th
  • Harry Bison This weekend

Prayer Requests: 

  • Chuck Wagon and Honey Boo Boo’s Grandmother recovering from Open Heart Surgery
  • Grave Diggers Dad recovering
  • Cramps’ Mom upcoming surgery in Jan.