• When: 2017-09-28
  • QIC: Pampers, Chewy
  • The PAX: Landshark, Love Seat, Silver bullet, Teddy, Chewy, Odyssey, Pondo, Foxhole, Pampers

Burpees and Applesauce Runs for Pampers’ VQ

9 Pax came together to celebrate Pampers’ VQ. He brought a beating – Burpees and lots of applesauce running to Indian Mound and back home.

Conditions:  Humid and in the 70s — rough for a September 28th, but it’s Columbia and we pride ourselves on being hot.

Warm Up in the Parking Lot:

  • SSH x20 IC
  • Grass Pickers x20 IC
  • Baby arm circles – x15 each way IC

Indian (applesauce) run, single file on Olde Knight toward Chambly; Right on Chambly; and circle up at Chambly and Queens Way Dr.

Circle up:

  • Squats x20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x20 IC

Lunge Walk Applesauce Run down Queens Way (Pax in single file lunge walk, man in the back does 5 burpees then runs to the front of the line, etc.).  All Pax did this once and we were right past the intersection of Queens Way and Crowne Point Rd.  YHC called a halt because legs, and we needed to move on to the main thang.

Circle Up:

  • Squats x20 IC
  • Imperial walkers x20 IC

Single file applesauce run the rest of Queens Way and continuing right on Old Woodlands until the top of Indian Mound Rd.

The main course:  Pax ran to the bottom of Indian Mound did 8 burpees and then ran back up and did 8 squats at the top; then back down to do 6 burpees and back up to do 6 squats, etc.  Planked up after 2 squats at the top.

Applesauce run the way we came: Old Woodlands to Queens Way and circle up at Crowne Point.

Circle Up:

  • Flutter Kicks x20 IC
  • Crunches x20 IC
  • Freddie Mercuries x20 IC
  • Hello Dolly x20 IC

Applesauce Run down Queens Way to Chambly and circle up again

Circle Up:

  • More of the same

Applesauce Run down Chambly to Olde Knight and then jail break for the flag

After a 10 count, YHC led the Pax in some plank work for the last 4 minutes — high plank, low plank, star fish, legs up, nose to knee, etc.

COT, Nameorama, Announcements, Prayers, BOM

A good time was had by all.  Pampers crushed it.