• When: 2017-09-25
  • QIC: Cesspool
  • The PAX: Schweddy, Trademark, Ball Boy, Woody, Lederhosen, Beta Max, Filter, Dry Heave, Backdraft

A change of “PACE”

YHC never had the opportunity to Q an AMBLE workout until today and this was a chance to see how we could test this group.  Not an easy task.  10 PAX posted to take the Monday morning challenge.  Here’s the THANG!

Conditions:  70 and HUMID!!!!!

Mosey away from Brickpile toward Adger and turn left.

Warming up with a jog toward Devereaux and a left on Devereaux.

Pause at the intersection of Daly and Devereaux for further instruction.

Devereaux, Princeton, Michigan, Daly was the loop.  .33 miles exactly.  PAX were charged with 3 laps and trying to work on pace.  Everytime we hit the “start” point of Daly and Devereaux, your time should be the same.  1 Mile total.

Next we ran out and back down Devereaux

8 minutes out and 8 minutes back.  Should finish right where you started.  Daly and Devereaux when time is called.  If you didn’t, work on your pace!

Next task is to run the loop again twice and finish dead on your time from first lap.  PACE.

Final exercise was another out and back on Devereaux.

2 minutes out and 2 minutes back.  PAX did a great job this time even though fatigue was setting in.

YHC called mosey back to the flag but Schweddy took off and lead everyone on a complete sprint!  Everyone got at least 4 miles and some got over 5 miles of work.  Great JOB!!!!!

BOM: Cesspool


  • Filter is available for P-200 team and you better get him fast because he’ll be gone.
  • Sign up for the Mud Run.