• When: 2020-10-10
  • QIC: BunkBed
  • The PAX: Tin Tin, Rated-R, Quickie

BunkBed Brings the Tabatta

Conditions: Cloudy and humid.


Mosey to Pull-Up Bars



Burpee/Pull-Up Circuit:

Burpee/Pull-Up 5 on first round go down by 1 after each round

BBS 10 on first round go down by 2 after each round

Lunges 25 on first round (1 leg 1 rep) go down by 5 after each round

Tabatta Workout using the WOD Timer App

Following Workouts were Done 4 rounds each (unless specified otherwise) for 20 seconds exercising and 10 seconds resting. All workouts done within the concrete squares with paint dots next to Blatt.

  1. Jump in a square both feet together
  2. Hourglass Jump
  3. Zig-Zag
  4. Zig-Zag Left Leg only (2 rounds)
  5. Zig-Zag Right Leg only (2 rounds)
  6. SSH
  7. Jump Left and Right over crack in pavement
  8. Jump Forwards and Reverse over crack in pavement
  9. Repeat (Skip Single Leg jumps on repeat)

Tabatta Abs workouts were done for 30 seconds exercise and 15 seconds resting

  1. BBS (4 rounds)
  2. Ray Charles (4 rounds)
  3. Iron Cross (4 rounds)
  4. Flutter Kicks (2 rounds)
  5. Gas Pumps (2 rounds)
  6. LBC (2 rounds)
  7. 6 Inches (4 rounds)

Mosey back to flag



Closing Prayer

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