• When: 07/08/15
  • QIC: Gump
  • The PAX: Gump, Fannie, Cesspool, Sketch, Stent, Flamer, and Turtle

BRR Training

My task was to create a 6 1/2 mile route with hills. One PAX told me that this was the hardest route he’d run, which made it all worth it to hear! The route began at Shandon Prez. We took Woodrow to Blossom and turned right. We ran up Blossom all the way to Assembly, then down to Whaley. We took the first left on Main, went up it all the way to Greene and turned right. We then took the first right turn, which was Sumter, and ran back to Whaley (it was agreed that, mentally, this was the most difficult part, since we ran up Sumter, and then continued that hill as we turned back on Whaley). We turned left on Whaley, and then took the first left on Bull, which curved to the right and turned into Rice. Then we took the next left on Pickens and went down hill and across the r.r. tracks to Wheat. We turned right, and took Wheat up to Saluda and turned right and continued the hill as we did so. We followed it to Rosewood, turned left and ran to Maple and turned left. We took Maple to Devine, turned left, and finished back at the the church, just shy of 6.5 miles. Considering all the random turns, long distance, and steep hills (417′ elevation climb), I’m thankful that we didn’t lose anyone!

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