• When: 7/2/2015
  • QIC: Binary
  • The PAX: Blue Blocker, Valdez, Tweetsie, Ditto, Cheesesteak, Binary, Wiretap, Slowpitch, Solo (FNG), Speed Bump (FNG)

Bringing the Pain at Sawmill

10 Pax entered the early morning gloom at Sawmill to get dose of Binary on the Q.  This was Binary’s first time leading the Pax at Sawmill which has had a great launch over the past two weeks.  Many of the original men who were there for opening day have stuck with it and have shown they want to #getbetter and #bebetter.  They are definitely taking the #DRP with weekday WOs starting at 5:15.  With that, let’s get to the recap.

Conditions: Upper 70s and pleasant.  Definitely some moisture in the air


The Thang:

Mosey from parking lot over to smaller baseball field


Windmills – 20 IC

Countdown Merks – 20 IC

XYs (hello dollie/Flutter Combo) – 20 IC

SSH Burpees  – 5 sets of 5 SSH IC/2 Burps OYO

Transition over to the foul line for ladder leg beat down

5 stops (3rd banner, light pole, center field, other light pole, other foul line) but progressively work up stopping at each spot going up and going down ladder.  It’s like a 5 stop suicide.

10 reps at each spot

Stop 1 – Mt. Climbers (90 total)

Stop 2 – Jump Lunges (70 total)

Stop 3 – Jump Squats (50 total)

Stop 4 – Freddie Mercuries (30 total)

Stop 5 – Burpees  (10 total)

Mosey back to tennis courts for chest and ab work

3 stop Suicide at end 20 Merks/20 LBCs

3 Stop Suicide Backwards run 20 Wide Arm Merks/20 LBCs

3 Stop Suicide Karoke 20 Narrow Arm Merks/20 LBCs

3 Stop Suicide Reg 20 Diamond Merks/ 20 LBCs


Plank Walk one tennis court 20 Big Boys at half way point and back to start

Circle up for Mary

Dealer’s Choice Abs

Flutter Kicks – 20 IC

1 arm Low plank holds L/R (Ditto)

Side Leg Raises L/R (Blue Blocker) – 20 IC

LBCs (Wiretap) – 25 OYO

Oblique Side-to-Sides (Cheesesteak) – 20 IC

Mt. Climber 3 count twists w/ each leg (Slowpitch) – 20 IC


Today’s workout was a great push by the PAX and was glad to have two new FNGs out today for the fun.  The group is really establishing themselves and will only continue to get stronger.  It’s fun seeing the ideas of exercises and workouts they plan to do when they Q.  Hopefully too more #mumblechatter will start to form as the PAX know each other better and can push each other.



Binary challenged the men today with the story of Caleb from the Bible in the Old Testament.  Caleb was a man of God and of courage as he went throughout his life.  He was one of only two who thought the Israelites could take the Promised Land and when they did conquer it, he didn’t want to settle for the lowland but at 85 wanted Hebron, which was the mountainous region.  He didn’t stop there.  He was a man of vision but also of passing on a legacy of faith.  After he died, Israel floundered in following God but thanks to his pouring into his son-in-law Othineal (#ISI), Othineal led the people by trusting God and there was 40 years of peace in the land.  What a great example for us to follow in how we pursue life and pour into others.


  • Welcome new FNGs Solo and Speed Bump
  • July 4th Convergence of Sandlot, Winnsboro, and Sawmill Saturday (6:30 am) Coffeteria at Lizard’s Thicket afterwards

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