• When: 2017-11-11
  • QIC: Paperboy
  • The PAX: Beta, Beads, DoubleRub, Froman, someone else, Boo

Boo rocks #Dawnstrike, Muffin may never return

Hurricane Boo returned for another #Dawnstrike Q, and while an actual hurricane didn’t break out, category 5 pain was delivered.

Conditions: low 40’s and breezy

The Thang:

6.15 PAX showed up at DHS for a fantastic adventure (Fallout was there for like 10 minutes, some run in Lexington was more important.  Kinda don’t blame him)

Because Muffin was in attendance and he loves throwing his gloves, YHC had everyone line up on the field for the warmup:
Broad jump burpees! Yeah! Across the field to the soccer goals!

Run back to the tree line.

Rinse and Repeat! More broad jump burpees!

After the warm was done, YHC led the crew over to the steps in front of the school.  At each step we alternated calf raises:

25 right foot only

25 left foot only

25 both feet

25 calf raises is a LOT.  Especially when you do them one leg at a time on a step where you have to go past parallel.  It’s a great way to strengthen the legs and get them ready of hill work and trails. Trust me.

Mosey over to the handicap ramp for a little #ArkLoader:
Crabwalk down and around the the ramps, twice

Bearcrawl that mess, twice

Lunge walk that same path, twice

YHC straight dominated this portion and felt the need to clown all for their terrible performance.  Hey, we all have our methods of motivation.

At this point Fallout was sick of it and left.  Good thing he had an hour and 15 minutes to make the 20 minute drive to the race. Meh.

With the AOQ gone, YHC decided to crank this mother up.  Fast/slow mosey to Daly street.  Line up for an Indian Run all the way to DriveBy’s house, who decided to fartsack.  We took the workout to his house for some Mary:

10 Russian Twists, 10 Crunches, 10 flutters, 10 Freddie Mercury’s.

AMRAP for 5 minutes (DB did come out in his ugly Clemson shirt and plank for roughly 8 seconds).  Apparently Pickens is a lovely place to visit for a football game.  I don’t think so.

After that Mary mess we jumped back into an Indian Run and headed to the Berkeley/Adger wishbone.  Because Subby also slept in we ran down his house for some leg action:

10 Squats, 10 monkey jumpers, 10 lunges; for about 5 minutes

Somewhere during this Beta wandered off and put Subby’s newspaper on his stoop.  He’s just a nice guy i guess?

YHC had been waiting for this next circuit all morning.  Mosey over to the bottom of Berkely hill for this:
20 squats, backwards run up the hill, 20 merkins, mosey back to the bottom. Rinse and Repeat 5 times.

Man, those backwards runs up a hill really get the appetite going!

After that we moseyed back to the school, stopping at intersections for garbage such as Man-Makers, flutters and burpees.

Oh, and Beta tried to get a ride from Windmill back to the flag, but i caught his punk a$$.

Circle up, count off, Muffin BOM

Cinnamon roll time!