• When: 2019-02-26
  • QIC: Serena
  • The PAX: Ash, Teddy, Blood Work, Serena

BlockParty @ The Woodshed

Great conditions (40 degrees) with light PAX at today’s Woodshed (2/26/2019). We gave some extra time for stragglers, so got a little later start as we…

Moseyed back to the cage. Each PAX got a cinderblock.
Carrying the block, we lined-up for an Indian Run and moved with purpose clockwise to the front of Meadowfield Elementary. We circled-up for (all 4ct IC):

SSH x 30, Imperial Squat Walkers x 15, Merkins x 15, American Hammer x 15, LBCs x 15.

Line-up at the Olde Knight side of the main entrance to school on Galway, ran the semicircle to the exit to the school on Galway. At the end, we performed 5 burpees, then ran back to the start for 20 LBCs. Rinse and repeat 2 more times, increasing burpees by 5 each time. In all, 30 burpees and 60 LBCs. Plank for 6.

Pick-up our blocks, partnered-up, and walked to the SE end of the Circus Maximus (large drop-off on side of school, corner that’s closest to front of school). Partner 1 farmer carried 2 blocks about 1/4 way around Circus and back while Partner 2 started on Merkins. Switch until get to 200 Merkins combined. Next was Squats with the block while Partner 2 Cusacked one block the same distance. Switch until get to 200 Squats combined. Next was Alternating Lunges (count each leg) with the block with same Cusack until get to 100 Alternating Lunges combined. Final was Curls with the block with same Cusack until get to 100 Curls combined.

Line-up for Indian Run to return blocks, then Jail Break back for COT.

Count, Name, No Announcements, Pray to Close.

I kept the PAX a few minutes late since we got a late start. Always good to be with the Woodshed PAX! Aye.