• When: 2019-02-26
  • QIC: Puck
  • The PAX: Puck, Happy Trees, Rabbi, Urkel, Shankopotamus (respect), Mermaid, Babe, Belding, nub, Tongue and Groove, Warren G.

All the wierd stuff at smokehouse

YHC had Q this morning but last night there was no plan for the workout. YHC went though some of the old back blasts and decided to bring back a compilation of his favorites.

The Pax were mostly ready to start at the 1 minute warning



The Thang

Partner up – 10 jump squats at the bottom of the stairs, P1 holds P2 feet and wheelbarrow to the top, and 1 BBSU at the top. Both Pax back to the bottom 9 jump squats at the bottom, P2 holds P1 feet and wheelbarrow to the top for 2 BBSU. So forth and so on until 1 jump squat at the bottom and 10 BBSU at the top.

The partners share 50 box jumps. While P1 performs box jumps, P2 runs up the stairs to the building and back to P1. Flap Jacks

The partners share 50 split squats. While P1 performs split squats, P2 runs up the stairs to the building and back to P1. Flap jacks

Mosey to the Stadium

5 hand release merkins at the top of the stairs. Run down the stadium stairs and across the bottom of the stadium, then back to the top. 10 hand release merkins at the top. Run back down the bottom of the stadium and across the bottom and back to the top. 20 hand release merkins at the top.

3 Burpee, bear crawls, ball to the walls

Start with the feet on the wall at the top of the stadium. Bear crawl to the cone, do 1 burpee, crawl bear back to the wall and then up the wall to the balls to the walls position. Rinse and repeat for 3 reps.

Partner back up. P1 lunges while P2 does 10 squats, once P2 is done with squats he runs to P1 and P1 starts the squats while P2 lunges. Once the pair reaches the 50 yard line the Pax switch to reverse lunges.

Time was called and the Pax mosey back to the flag.


5 year convergence, rooster relay



Strengthen your spiritual muscles as well as your physical ones