• When: 2019-12-05
  • QIC: Pondo
  • The PAX: Ash, Rosinbagger, Chewy, Heist, JarJar, Teddy, SilverBullet, KennyG, Serena, CornDog, Bidet, Listener, UpChuck, CousinEddie, O'possum, TomTom, FNG Graffiti, Pondo

Blitzvergateria for The Shed and Legion

18 Pax braved the cool temps and traffic in the Target parking lot for the monthly Blitzvergateria for The Woodshed and Legion.  We welcomed an FNG- Graffiti.  I let Rosinbagger claim him for Legion because it’s Christmas time.  It’s a 30 minute beatdown so YHC made sure they got their money’s worth.

The Thang:  After a boring disclaimer, YHC welcomed the Pax and moved them deeper into the parking lot for a warmup round of Circle of Pain:  SSH, IW’s, Squats, Low Country Crabs, LBC’s, High Knees, Butt Kicks, Merkins, Russian Twists, all IC x 20,  Calf Raises x 40 OYO, 5 Worst Merkins Ever OYO

Then we headed to the cart carousels and did a combination of 50 reps each of Incline Merks, Decline Merks, and Dips with resting sets of LBC’s until the pax could complete all 150 reps.

Then the Pax moved into a modified Dora (MoDora) with partners.  P-1 went through transitions of different movements back and forth with a set of 6 cones, while P-2 AMRAP’d different exercises.  A proper Flap Jack was applied and we timed out way before all the pax could finish the second round.

Round 1: P-1 sideways bear crawls back and forth from Cone 0 to Cone 1, regular bear crawls back and forth from Cone 0 to Cone 2, backwards bear crawls back and forth from Cone 0 to Cone 3, sprints back and forth from Cone 0 to Cone 4 and backwards runs back and forth from Cone 0 to Cone 5. P-2 AMRAP squats. Flap Jacks.

Round 2: transitions were the same, AMRAP changed to LBC’s.

Circle of Trust and BOM by YHC.

Announcements:  Check the website.  F3 Christmas party is nigh.  #LegionLegitTransferOfPower coming Thursday.

Prayer Requests: CrabDaddy and his 2.0, Rosinbagger’s M and soon to be 2.0, KennyG’s M.

Moleskin:  This is always a great workout.  It’s intense, but over in 30 minutes and the fellowship is excellent.  Until next month….