• When: 2019-12-10
  • QIC: Nub
  • The PAX: Belding, Puck, Babe, Urkel, TnG, Blockhead, Kracker, Wilson, Happy Trees, Nub

Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world…

Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world…???  Nope not Swayze’s southern-yankee drawl or even his playlist of gothic metal screaming rock that he sometimes brings for us to jam to…its was the ever present sound of a too close for comfort alarm going off in the distance in the Smokehouse gloom.  That sound kept us company throughout this mornings activities and yeah it was pretty annoying.  The strong pax of Smokehouse persevered through it though and got some work done.  Here is what went down.

1 min warning, a rambling disclaimer of sorts, Prayer

COP in the parking lot

SSH x 10 IC,  Smurfjacks x 10 IC, LBAC F&R x 10 IC, Dirty birds x 10 IC, OHC’s x 10 IC.

The Thang:  Now head over to YHC’s truck and each pax grab a couple bricks (which i conveniently forgot to unload from my Q @ BeechHouse last week.  Mosey to practice field and line up for traveling BLIMPS. Try and gain some ground where the exercises allow.  B-Burpees, L-Lunges (walking), I-Imperial Walkers (walking), M-Merkins, P-Plankjacks, S-Squats. Increase reps by 5 each letter.  From there mosey to brick pile and deliver bricks to their resting place.  Now line up single file at the first lightpole and first pax jailbreak to next lightpole while the rest of the pax Al Gore it.  One you make it to the next pole then Al Gore until the rest of the line catches up. Proceed back to parking lot and back to YHC’s truck, grab 2 more bricks or 3, whatever you can carry back to the field just so long as all the bricks get out of my truck.  Partner up an each pax keep 2 bricks in hand for a ground/Ab version of DORA.  Pax 1 do excercise pax 2 bear crawl to marker and crawl bear back.  100 V-ups, 200 Am Hammers, 300 Heel taps.  Plankorama on the 6.  Right arm up, then 3 merkins, left arm up/3 merkins, right leg up 3/one legged merkins, left leg up/3 more one leg merkins.  Bricks up and mosey back to flag.  Time called.

Count/Name o rama

Announcements  Christmas party

Devo:  In Deuteronomy 6, we see that the future of the nation of Israel involved the conquest of existing places. So they would move into large flourishing cities they did not build (v. 10), occupy houses filled with good things they didn’t provide, and benefit from wells and vineyards and olive groves they didn’t dig or plant (v. 11). All these blessings could be easily traced back to a single source—“the Lord your God” (v. 10). And while God lovingly provided these things and more, Moses wanted to make sure the people were careful not to forget (v. 12).

In this Christmas season and anytime, let us not forget where our blessings come from.  Thank you God for all of our gifts!

BOM/Prayer:  Pray for kids in need, Pucks family friend unexpected passing, Wilson’s uncle and Michael Kirkland