• When: 2017-10-25
  • QIC: WelcomeWeek
  • The PAX: Paperbooski, Gump, WelcomeWeek, BiggieSmalls, RA, Subprime, Traitor, Huffy, Exit1, OC, Borat, Bundy, Big Worm.

(Belichick) Sweatshirt Weather at Ramble

Weather: 48 degrees and crisp. Although YHC dislikes the cold, this was perfect running weather. YHC created his own Belichick sweatshirt and it was a perfect combination of keeping the core warm but allowing for the hot air to escape. Best run in months thanks to the sweatshirt. YHC is an avid Boston sports hater but gives credit where credit is due.

The thang…

Here was the planned route. Was meant to be 6.5 miles but turned out to be 6.42. YHC and the newly donned AOQ, Bundy, posted for a 3.5mi pre-run at 5am and totaled 10 miles on the morning.

R @ Woodrow
R @ Heyward
L @ Whaley
R @ Lincoln
R @ Gervais
R @ Millwood
R @ Sims
R @ Blossom
R @ Woodrow

Name-o-rama (got off to a very shaky start, thanks booski)
BOM (Gump)