• When: 10/24/2017
  • QIC: Caboose
  • The PAX: Tongue N Groove, Shankopotomus (Respect), Happy Trees, Nub, Belding, Urkel, Wino, Hollywood, Doodle, Pullout, Caboose

Smokehouse Quarter Pounder With Cheese

It was a soggy morning at Smokehouse this morning thanks to a much needed rain yesterday and the usual, poorly timed sprinkler activation on the practice field. There have been some discussions recently amongst the PAX about how we have been neglecting some of the routines that used to be staples at our humble AO. So YHC chose today to revisit a routine Nub Q’d at YHC’s very first post, and to return to an old Smokehouse favorite… Hite Hill. This is how betterment went down at The Smokehouse this am:



A lil warmup:

10 Merkins OYO

TTT x10 IC

LBAC forwards x15 IC

LBAC Backerds x15 IC

10 Merkins OYO

SSH x15 IC

Mosey to the brickpile by the practice field

Grab the cheese and line up on the goal line for your quarter pounder

The Thang:

Quarter Pounder (with cheese)

Sprint to the 25 and do 25 Merkins

Backpedal back to goal line

Sprint to the 50 and do 50 Plank Rows each arm

Backpedal back to goal line

Sprint to the 75 and do 75 Hip Touches each side


Sprint to the opposite goal line and do 100 Mountain Climbers each leg

Backpedal back to goal line

Plank for the six

Keep your bricks and mosey over to Hite Hill

Perform one Squat at the bottom backpedal to top

Perform 20 Calf Raises and forward down the hill

Repeat increasing squats by one and performing 20 Calf Raises each time until you reach 20 squats or time is called. ( We switched from backpedaling to sprinting up hill after 10 squats.)

Return bricks and mosey back to the shovelflag.

Kotters to Doodle and HT. Glad to see these men back in the Gloom.



Smokehouse Christmas party at Winos place December 8, time TBA. Anyone who has ever attended a workout at Smokehouse or Rooster is invited. M’s welcome, get a babysitter for the 2.0s. BYOB and finger food.

Cheech run 11/11

Doodle is running a 5k this weekend see him for details if you’d like to participate

Praise Reports:

Sarah Kate home from hospital and doing much better

Harvey Sauls good report

Prayer Requests:

Lois Workman (lost her husband)

Heyward Bouknight

Julia Shealy (MRI coming up)

Rick Yarborough

Pucks surgery Thursday and now a new medical issue to deal with

Hollywood FIL Ron Hicks gall bladder removal

Pullouts grandad 2nd hip replacement