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YBecause We Are Battle…do

AO: Battle
Q: Spot
PAX: Spot, Ronda, Prodigal, Hawg
FNGs: None

Grab blocks and Napalm to football field.  Leave blocks with sled and mosey across the field.


Line up on the end zone of the football field.
Hold plank.
Ten Mountain Climbers then sprint ten yards
Ten Merkins.
Hold plank.
Twenty Mountain Climbers; sprint twenty yards;
Twenty Merkins.
Hold plank.
Proceed down the field increasing Mountain Climbers, sprints, and Merkins by ten until across the field.

Sled Work
Take turns with 25 yard push and back while everyone else Individual Dora Curls, Shoulder Presses, and Squats (100 each)
Then 50 yards and back while everyone else Dora’s.
Then 75 yards and back (because we are Battle) while everyone else Dora’s.

Ab Work
15 spot LBCs
15 Flutter Kicks
15 Russian Twists
Rinse and repeat, decreasing by one each round to 11 reps each exercise.

Bear Crawl ten yards.
Three Diamond Merkins.
Crawl Bear five yards.
Two Jump Squats.
Rinse and repeat adding three Diamond Merkins each stop, and two jump squat each stop to the 50 yard line.

Repeat sled work.

Napalm the blocks back to the COT.

Repeat ab work starting at ten reps, decreasing till times up.


No time for Mary.


Some of our F3 brothers are running the 50 K today.

Family get together at Steele Hands next Sunday.


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