• When: 2017-12-30
  • QIC: BillyBob, Splinter
  • The PAX: Cesspool, Misfire, Collar, Chaser, Heehaw, Hawg, Heist

Battle Report: Out of 2017 with a Bang

The last Battle Workout of 2017 presented plenty of challenge. Freezing temperatures and relentless punishment from the Q’s made this one Battle-worthy. BillyBob brought ridiculous amounts of chest work and YHC took us on a little trip to the mall.

Conditions: 27 degrees at the start, definitely warmer by 8am

The Thang

*Warning* Everything with BillyBob hurts your chest.

BillyBob: 20 burpees oyo

* Mosey to bricks. Pick up 2 each and circle up.
* Explanation that fingers can’t be used to hold bricks at anytime during YHCs Q.
1. Curls IC x 20
2. Press IC x 17
4. Front raise ICx10
5. Squats 20 oyo
* Mosey to field with bricks
* Line up on goal line
* While holding bricks, sprint to 50 yard line. Drop bricks. Do 25 Bottom Burpees. Pick up bricks. Sprint to far side goal line. Drop bricks. Do 50 knerkins. Pick up bricks. Sprint back to 50 yard line. Drop Bricks. 25 Bottom Burpees. Pick up Bricks. Sprint to goal line. Drop bricks. 50 knerkins. Rinse and repeat substituting knerkins with Big Boy sit-ups x50

Bataan Death March. All PAX carry bricks. PAX in rear does 5 squats while moseying PAX do curl presses.

Splinter: The Circuit

6 Butterfly Sit-ups, 6 RA Lunges R/L, 6 Catcher Squat Star Jumps, 6 Clap Merkins

Complete the circuit every 2 minutes while running to the mall parking garage.

– We completed at least 12 of these circuits in between running, climbing stair towers, running garage ramps, sprinting, bear crawling, etc.

– The challenge was in completing the circuits properly in the midst of the movement in between sets. Great effort by everyone.

Finished with a AYG run from the top of Florawood Dr to COT.

BOM: BillyBob


– Give to our F3 Haiti effort thru a raffle posted by Chaser. A Yeti cooler and other objects will be raffled off thru his Twitter handle. $20 per ticket. See @F3Chaser for details.

– Cesspool will be taking over the AOQ duties for Battle in February after YHC held the spot for quite awhile. YHC is ready for fresh ideas, new motivation and leadership from Cesspool. Looking forward to him pushing us even further.

Happy New Year. Attack life.