• When: 2019-02-16
  • QIC: Dealer's Choice
  • The PAX: Cesspool, Venti, Eldrick, Wally, Misfire, Gaston, Hawg

BATTLE Dealer’s Choice usually turns out bad and this was no different.

Up until about 0658, it was 2 of us.  Eldrick and YHC for Dealer’s Choice by ourselves.  I don’t like the outcome.  Get 911 on standby.  Thankfully or not, however you look at it, 5 more showed up with a minute to spare.  It’s BATTLE and it’s Dealer’s Choice, let’s get it on!

Conditions:  58 and overcast.  PERFECT for February.

First up CESSPOOL:

Head straight to Circle of Death.  25 Burpees OYO.  Squats until everyone is done.  Head to the BATTLE Loop Pad.  Everyone pick up bricks and circle up near the pull up bar.

Each PAX will perform 10 Pull ups.  All waiting will rotate through a series of exercises at the call of the Q.

Curls, Military Press, Back Flys, Merkins, Plank for the final PAX.

Hand off to Eldrick:  

Suicides at BATTLE pad.

Round 1: Bear crawl down, reverse bear craw back touching every line. 4 lines total. Round 2: Basketball slide down and back at each line. 1 minute wall sit while waiting on pax.

Next up MISFIRE: 

Abs for 8
25 big boys
25 4ct Russian twists
100 Chaser LBCs
25 heel tap crunches
25 iron cross
3 min low plank – burpees if you succumb to weakness before the time is up (looking at you Cess, Eldrick, and Gaston…)

Venti steps into position:

Put bricks up, jog to back parking lot

Partner up:  P1 broad jump to line 307
                    P2 squat, then switch
Repeated to end of row
Round 2:       P1 one broad jump burpees
                      P2 LBAC, switch directions every ten
Repeated to end of row
Round 3:       P1 walking lunges
                      P2 calf raises
Repeated to end of row
GASTON was shot out of a cannon:
Run out the back entrance and right on Brentwood.  Run to his front yard which seemed like 10 miles but it was about .25 of a mile.
Circle up:  On the minute, 20 Merkins
                                          30 BB Situps
                                          30 Monkey Humpers
                                          30 Merkins
                                          20 V-ups
HAWG gave another Disclaimer and was listening last week:
Don’t cross the road unless it’s at a crosswalk!
Let’s roll.
He leads us to the bottom of Belmont for instructions.
2 rounds.  Run up and over Belmont Hill to Trenholm and back.  We got one round and some planking before time was called to hand off.
WALLY ran us back to the front entrance of AC Flora:
Sprint up to the front steps.  Snake through all the front steps and down the other side of the entrance.
Rinse and Repeat.
Run to the Shovel Flag.
30 Squats
30 Merkins
10 Knerkins
  • Convergence at The Blatt 4-6-19.  Be on the lookout for more details.  Let’s see a big crowd.  Many of us have never attended a workout at the Blatt and it’s awesome.
  • P200 coming up on March 22-23 and many PAX are in training currently.  If you are looking for a team reach out to SCRAMBLE, RAMBLE, AMBLE, STUMBLE, or any PAX for assistance.  This is a great CSAUP to capture all 3 F’s.