• When: 2019-02-16
  • QIC: Ponzi
  • The PAX: Coon Dog, Buzzsaw(R), Scotch, Ponzi

A Block, a flutter kick, and a brick

YHC has not been to The Hollow in a long time. A very long time. It was an honor to take the Q and try to make sure the Pax got their money worth.

Weather: 56 and misty

Disclaimer and Prayer

The Thang:

Mosey around the parking lot and circle up.

SSS 20ic, TTT 10ic, 10 LBAC, 10 Overhead claps, 10 LBAC ic

Mosey to the baseball sidewalk. From light pole to light pole: Broad jump burpees, bear crawl, lunge, out and back.

To the block pile and on to the band field.

Rd1: 5 merkins, 10 squats, 15 BBSU sprint to scoreboard pole and back. Low plank for the 6. 50 4ct flutter kicks ic.

Rinse and repeat adding 1 merkin,squat, BBSU and decrease flutter kicks by 10 each round. Repeat 5 rounds.

Do 10 Body builders with blocks. Bear crawl with block to the scoreboard pole. Farmers carry block back to starting point. 25 4ct flutter kicks ic with block overhead.

Do 20 body builders with blocks. Bear crawl to far pole with block. Recover and return blocks.

Get two bricks. 3 minutes of man makers. Recover back to shovel flag.

4 pax put in the work this am. A perfect way to kick off the weekend. Good work men!

Prayers: Juice and family, Wells family, Kukoc’s wife, all the pax and participants running the D2D,  all prayers spoken and unspoken.


Convergeance, March 2 @ 0630 Graveyard