• When: 07/11/15
  • QIC: Chop Shop and Misfire
  • The PAX: Subprime, Flamer, Chaser, Collar, Heist, Tri Lamb, Splinter

Battle – Always Taking the Red Pill Without Hesitation

Weather – 73 degrees, 81% humidity, seemed fine early, oppressive later

A long day so far for this guy.  Battle 7AM.  Two of my son’s best friends’ joint birthday party at 10AM outside.  My daughter’s 6th birthday party at the pool at 3PM.  I’m spent.

Anyway, a great core Battle crowd of 9 came this morning ready to put in work and have some fun. Safe to say that the weather and this workout put everyone in a haze for the rest of the early morning. We are going to feel it even more tomorrow morning.  Our very own Battle Badge of Honor.

Kudos to Chaser’s pre-Battle email banter after getting fed up with the litany of excuses (some of course more legitimate than others) that everyone was throwing out for not being able to make it this weekend.  Classic stuff my man!  Let’s make a concerted effort as a group to get the attendance back up in the high teens regularly so we don’t have to feel the wrath too often.

The Thank

Chop Shop – Q for 1st 30 mins

Run from COT to Battle Loop

Warm up – 25 burpees

Big boy sit-up AMRAP while each PAX does 10 pull-ups.  Doing BBSs the entire time unless you are doing your pull-ups.  Rinse and repeat.

Circuit – 100 merkins, 100 squats, 100 LBCs, 20 pull-ups, run the Loop.  Complete any way you want.  Rinse and repeat.  Splinter fast out of the gates with Chaser right on his heels both times.

Shaky arm hand-off to Misfire after all those burpees, merkins, and pull-ups.

Misfire – Q for 2nd 30 mins

Run from Battle Loop to bottom of hill on Falcon Dr that leads up to Forest

Jump-squat, hill suicide.  5 jump squats at the starting line, sprint up hill to 1st sign on left (~25 yards), jog back down to starting line, 5 jump squats, sprint up hill to 2nd sign on left (~50 yards), back down to starting line, 5 jump squats, sprint up hill to black mailbox on left (~75 yards), back down to starting line, 5 jump squats, sprint up hill to bank parking lot entrance (~100 yards), back down to starting line.  Splinter dominates as usual with YHC somewhat close behind.  Everyone was forced to spend some time catching their breath and getting their head together after that nightmare.  #crowdpleaser.

Sensing the PAX may kill me if I did another set of hill suicides right then, I called an audible and went back to the Battle Loop for some more upper body and core work.

Partner up.  One partner does 25 reps of these while the other does AMRAP LBCs.  Flap jack each time.

25 tire curls

25 tire overhead press

25 dips

25 decline merkins

25 pull-ups (do burpees if you can’t finish all of your pull-ups)

I felt the PAX were now fully recovered from our earlier hill suicide so we headed back out to the bottom of the hill on Falcon Dr to finish with a bang and do another one with a slight variation.

Jump lunge, hill suicide.  Same as before but substitute 10 jump lunges for 5 jump squats.  Simply brutal again.  Splinter and Subprime lead the way.

Run back to COT.

Announcements – A bunch of stuff that I vaguely remember as I tried to prevent myself from passing out.  Tweet/email Subprime and/or Fountainhead if you need info.


Prayer – Misfire

Some rep figures – 25 burpees, 225 merkins, 200 squats, TONS of LBCs (way past 300), 85 pull-ups, 2 Battle Loops, 2 hill suicides

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