• When: 12/09/15
  • QIC: Red Light
  • The PAX: Bro Mo, Bar Code, P.C., Woody, Zoot, Sister Wife, Noonan, Double Rub, Picker, Dry Heave, Love Bug

#Amble Trots Down Ott

Naked-Man Moleskin:  12 Pax said no to the fartsack and kept up the fight against holiday poundage.  With several Amblers set to toe the line at Saturday’s Kiawah Half Marathon – Dry Heave, Noonan & Double Rub – the rest joined in the taper and took a nice, somewhat easy stroll down Ott.  But the Ott Trot doth deceive.  For what goes down must come up, and the back side of the out & back proved no laughing matter.  Despite the knowledge of increased elevation, Picker decided to make the turn in stride, shifting from 4th gear to 5th.  No word yet if he is a grinner, a lover or a sinner.  Sister Wife chased the Woody-rabbit, who confessed to being a bit like a virgin on his honeymoon.  P.C. remained in a law school exam fog, mumbling frequently about something like a decisive star.  Zoot re-emerged, the strength of youth on his side.  Bug kept the Love.  Bar kept the Code.  And Bro Mo enjoyed his pre-certification exam exercise, putting to the test the adage that where the body goes, the mind will follow.  Everyone ran strong.  A good effort by all.

Conditions:  Clear, chilly and 43 degrees.

The Thang:

  • From Dreher, head left on Millwood;
  • Right at light onto Ott;
  • Follow Ott to the soccer fields;
  • Turn at the fields and head back (3.2 miles).
  • For a bit longer, stay straight on Ott, through intersection of Devine & Millwood, to Adger;
  • Straight on Adger to Murray;
  • Left on Murray to Daly;
  • Left on Daly to Millwood;
  • Left on Millwood and left into Dreher (about 4.2 miles).



12/15/15 – F3 Christmas Party (Kings Grant Club House)
12/25/15 – All AOs closed for Christmas
3/5/16 – F3 Nation 5th Anniversary Party (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DYNLWT3)
Palmetto 200 sign-up is active and so is the preblast. Check the preblast here for details: #F3P200

Nice job, gentlemen.  Good luck to those at Kiawah.  Get some!

That is all.


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