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#Amble Report: Pace Setting 4

With two months to go before the Governors Cup Half Marathon, 10 Faithful gathered in the gloom to get serious about the race.  The training plan has been posted so there were no surprises about the distance.  Only the course was in question and the choice was made for a return to our Amble origins in a 4 mile loop around both Lakes Katherine.  The added detail was that this 4 mile loop was intended as a starting point for each runner to figure out his “race pace”.  While the eight minute/mile pace most of us tried to keep was quick for a half marathon, the hope is that, over the coming two months, that pace can stay true for the longer distance.

Conditions:  67 Degrees and 93% Humidity

The Thang:

The route, as most do, starts from the KBC parking lot.  From there, run downhill on Forest Ridge, Left on Quail to the end for a right turn on Shady Lane.  Run Shady Lane all the way to Kilbourne and up the hill to a right hand turn on Sanford.  Right again on Kathwood Drive and up, down, up, down, up, down to the left turn onto Woodlake.  Finally turn right onto Carterhill and wrap it up again in the KBC parking lot.



  • Very good to be getting the Governors Cup training underway.  While we’ve already been doing many of the same runs we will be doing in the next few months, having a goal out there, a race to prepare for, made this return to basics feel pretty good.
  • Right now we have 16 guys on “The List” for the Governors Cup, all of whom are listed on the Race Pre-Blast.  That list will be updated as more people step forward.  If you’re on said list, you should be getting an e-mail from Amble each week outlining weekend runs to help get in extra distance.  If you want to be either added to or removed from that e-mail list, please let us know.  We’re not in the spam business.
  • It’s 9:00 am as I write this…  12 years ago I was sitting in a classroom unaware that a pair of commercial jets were about to fly into the twin towers.  Remember.


  •  As stated above, the Pre-Blast for the Governors Cup Half Marathon is online.  Check it out for registration details and the training plan.
  • Lunch today at the Beltline Lizards Thicket, Noon.  Hump Day Happy Hour #HDHH is at Henry’s for a reprise of last week’s festive occasion.  5:30 this Wednesday evening.
  • Kettlebells continue at DHS Wednesdays and Fridays if you need an alternative to Amble.
  • AmFibious 5K & Float T-shirts remain unclaimed.  Please contact [email protected] if one of them is yours!



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