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#Amble Report: #HillWeek Day 2

Hill week continued this morning at #Amble as 11 Pax reacquainted themselves with Atascadero. Atascadero!?!  Yes…  Columbia has a dreadful shortage of truly steep streets.  In an effort to seek them out for the benefit of the Amble faithful, this particular beauty was served up towards the end of mile 2 of our morning’s course around the neighborhood.

Conditions:  54 degrees and still 94% humidity.

The Thang:


Truth be told, YHC mixed up the route and exited the KBC parking lot on Trenholm cutting the 4+ mile jaunt about .2 miles short.  In spite of this “shortcoming” the route is still very near the 4 mile mark and so times (which were really quick) are awfully close to true.



  • Race pace 4 miles keeps getting faster…  trying to lead from the back, I managed another four miler well beneath a 7:30 pace.  Quick.
  • Because of this relative speed of the current Amble group and the never ending need to support the other F3Columbia workouts with some running leadership, we’re considering expanding Amble and/or creating alternatives for faster paces and longer runs (even after the Governors Cup).  The mission of #Amble was originally to encourage bootcamp guys to get some cardio in on the “off” days and, after the mud run, it seems there’s interest from outside brewing for a return to basics.  If anyone is interested in being part of a leadership structure for Amble and whatever else this might spin off to keep our current Amble group going longer and getting faster, please speak up and let me know your thoughts.  We won’t cannibalize what’s worked so well for us these last few months but do want to make #Amble accessible to everyone in F3Columbia.


Governors Cup training is getting long and complicated.  This weekend will be the 12 mile distance with the 13.2 mile true race route schedule for next weekend.  To help you get it done, here are the current options on the table:

  • Friday, 10/18/13 a small group will leave from KBC at 5:30 AM in place of the normal Friday Amble route.  There will still be a normal 5:45 run group leaving from KBC Q’d by Promo.  Feel free to take your pick.
  • Saturday, 10/19/13 the normal Saturday group will meet at DHS for a 6:30 launch of the 12 mile distance.  Unless you’re running at race pace (which you should not be doing) the DHS convergence will wrap up before our F3GC group returns.  The alternative, though, is to leave a good bit earlier which wasn’t appealing on Saturday.
  • Next Friday, 10/25/13 the same Friday group will do the full 13.2 mile Governors Cup route from downtown.  Park on Senate Street near Trinity and gather beneath the Obelisk in preparation for a 5:30 AM departure from the Main and Gervais intersection where the true GC begins.  We’ll end a couple hours later in front of the USC Horseshoe.  This option allows everyone to take part in the 10/26/13 one year anniversary convergence at Finlay Park the following Saturday morning.
  • Last, a double down #CSAUP opportunity Q’d by Chaser and Subprime…  run the full 13.2 route Saturday morning, on 10/26/13 so early that, after the run, you can join the anniversary convergence at Finlay Park for a second helping of pain.  Yes, 13.2 miles PLUS an hour long Saturday beatdown.  That’s your 10/26 option if you’re man enough.

Others will be getting in their miles in other fashions.  Tweet it out or let me know if you have different plans so that we can run in groups.  Make sure to stay hydrated if doing your running on a day we don’t have water stations planted.




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