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#Amble Report: Football Conditioning Test, Take Two or One?

8 faithful arrived at the Owens Field Track this morning for another installment of Speed Monday. The game plan was for Fountainhead to deliver the sequel to July’s football conditioning test (20 110-yard sprints) for an assessment of the pax’ progress over the last two months. A couple of things went wrong. First, Fountainhead had to skip the workout due to illness. Second, not a single person from the July workout was present this morning. So, instead of a progress report these 8 pax established a baseline. Regardless, the test was passed with flying colors.

Conditions: 71 with 95% humidity

The Thang:

Four laps of warm-up. Then, averaging anywhere from 12.5 seconds to maybe 17 or so, run 20 100-meter (closest track equivalent to 110 yards and actually about dead on) sprints. Using the straight-aways, the pax lined up and sprinted 100 meters followed by 30 seconds recovery (while jogging the two turns to the next straight-away). At the end of each quarter the recovery was stretched to 90 seconds with a 180 second “halftime.” Finally, 2 laps of cool-down completed the session.


  • Solid, solid effort by all pax this morning. This is a tough workout and everyone left everything they had on the track. Well done.
  • Totals on the Day: 1.25 miles of outright sprint. Grand Total Including all Warm-up and Recovery: 4 miles (1.25 of sprinting and 2.75 of recovery/warm-up)


  • Mud Run is coming up on 10/12. Sway is running the wait list and you may get lucky so please let him know if you are interested. [email protected]
  • Governor’s Cup is 11/9. Commit now and workout at Amble to get ready. We will release the discount code soon. Pre-Blast by Fountainhead is coming soon and a training plan (SET TO LAUNCH THIS WEEK) is being developed. So far, commits are:
  1. Chaser
  2. SubPrime
  3. Fountain Head
  4. Bubbles
  5. Snuggles
  6. Drive-by
  7. Kitty
  8. 8-Mile
  9. Yellow Cake
  10. Detour
  11. Kim Jung
  12. Slumdog
  13. Fannie
  14. Obamacare
  • 3rdF efforts are under way. TB is taking the lead. Please let him know if you are interested in helping or getting involved. Contact him at [email protected]
  • 3rdF part II – McLovin (Jason Lockhart) announced a prayer group that meets on Fridays at St. Johns Episcopal Church on Wheat Street every Friday throughout the fall. Any and all are welcome to this series led by Brad Bird. Lunch is provided (typically by Groucho’s) and the group meets from noon-12:45. While not an official F3 group this is another opportunity to share fellowship AND faith for anyone interested.

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