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#Amble Report: #FFLL for 13 Friday Pax

A somewhat less humid gloom greeted 13 Friday amblers this morning at KBC.  After a long week of relay sprints, heavy water can carrying, fireman carries, and sked pulling everyone was ready for a run at their own pace.  Fannie’s Forest Lake Loop (#FFLL) was the perfect opportunity for everyone to stretch their legs and end the work week with a solid cardio workout.

Conditions: 72 and somewhat less humid

The Thang:

Depart KBC parking lot and turn right on Trenholm Rd. Proceed across Forest Drive before turning right onto Spring Lake. Spring Lake becomes Overbrook before a right turn onto Eastshore. The loop is completed by another right onto Lakeshore. A right on Forest Drive, left on Trenholm, and left on Forest Ridge led the pax back to KBC parking lot. Total Distance: ~4.7 miles


  • Great Friday morning turnout today.  Robber and YHC discussed how cool it has been to watch Amble grow.  Great job shout out to Fountainhead and Chaser for establishing the workout.
  • It’s always interesting to return to the parking lot and learn about the different route variations the pax stumble into. #nodirection
  • There was heightened post-run #mumblechatter regarding next Friday’s Amble attendance (or perhaps the lack there of).


  • AmFibious 5k is 9/2. We’re expecting a big crowd (as in potentially over 100). If you still want to participate just let Fountainhead know. ([email protected])
  • NEW WORKOUT: Starting next Tuesday there will be a new Tues/Thurs bootcamp at Hand Middle School in Shandon 5:45-6. The name has not yet been 100% decided but Sub Prime is going to be the area Q. Contact him ([email protected]) if you’re interested in Qing over there. We need guys to go to that workout to thin out numbers at #Brickpile and #Swampfox (primarily at #Brickpile). We encourage you to consider heading over there to be a part of something new and feel free to bounce between workouts.
  • Governor’s Cup is 11/9. Commit now and work with Amble to get trained up. Plenty of time. Sign up with our discount code after 9/1.
    We’re going to start listing the current commits:
    Bubbles(as of today)

Who else? Commit and get your name on this list. We need 10 to get a discount. Looking for a big F3 presence at the race.

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