• When: 07/09/15
  • QIC: Fountainhead
  • The PAX: Stent, LeVar, Stain, Nelly, Michelle, Moorehead, ChooChoo, Prom, SecondHand, Spread, Strom, "Korn With A K", Sheets, Polo & F'head

A #SwampFox Audible

#SwampFox has been exceedingly swampy of late.  Whether it’s the blistering heat that has driven the Crayton groundskeepers to leave the sprinklers on 24/7 or the converse summer lack of attention, the football field at Crayton is a bog.  Soon we may see marsh grasses rising up out of the turf.  Noting the exceptionally nasty conditions, YHC scrapped 90% of the original plan and handed to the #SwampFox pax a rerun on steroids out of the highlight vault.  When you Q somewhere weekly, you’ve always got plenty of material to draw from.

Conditions: Not half bad but for the soils report.


Mosey down to the field, collect a block and circle up in a rare dry-ish patch on the CMS field.

  • SSH X 30 4CT, IC
  • Merkins on the block (thanks Polo) X 15 4CT, IC

100 Yard Mosey to Hamburger Hill trudging the block

The Tabata Rerun – With a Hamburger Hill Bonus feature
Tabata – Toh-bah-tuh; Training method incorporating any exercise done in the following pattern: 20 Seconds AMRAP, 10 Seconds Rest, Rinse & Repeat X 8.  To each set of 8 the #SwampFox pax capped the 8th rep with a dash up and down Hamberger Hill.  It went like this:

  • Merkins (Tabata typical 20 Sec AMRAP X 8 + HH Sprint)
  • LBC’s with the block
  • Goblet Squats with the block
  • Curls with the block
  • V-Ups with the block (pause to be eaten by ants, again)
  • Lunges holding the block
  • Overhead Presses with the block

100 Yard Mosey to return the blocks and then circle up for a hurried Mary Set:

  • Plank-er-ish-orama
  • Russian Twists  X 30 4CT, IC
  • Flutter Kicks X 20 4CT, IC

Mosey back to COT

BOM followed by a Devotional by Stain (4th of July word that all worry is a self centered fear that our way won’t work out.  God’s will always works out.  If our desires are to see God’s will done, then we have no cause for daily worries, only a desire to be in alignment with what God is sure to do.)


  • Stretch is offering a form and technique demonstration/clinic on July 25th to any who’d like a tuneup. Woodshed at 8:15 (so that you can go there after a 7:00 Saturday workout).  Lets be honest, we all need it…  If not for ourselves, a refresher to help us spot poor form around the COP.  We owe it to our fellow men to do things the #RightWay and to identify the sloppiness in others for their good.  Being attentive to the details of workout form will make us all stronger but will also help prevent injury.  Doing exercizes right is important.
  • The Deadline to RSVP for the Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter dinner is today.  Check out the preblast here and get involved.
  • Talk of two new local workout launches is in process for later this summer and the fall.  If you have other announcements hit up our new news guy, Paperboy ([email protected]), and share the details.


  • Three visits to SwampFox and three ant attacks.  If anyone else would like retribution, I’m buying a bag of ant killer this weekend and plan to do some damage out on that field.  DM me on Twitter if you want in on the assault.
  • Clarification of which I missed out this past workout.  Korn isn’t just Corn.  It’s “Korn with a K”.  The whole thing.  ‘Not sure what transpired that we now need to include spelling specifics in a nickname but that was the ruling by the AOQ.  Personally, I may just start calling him “K” like he’s a Men In Black reference but y’all do with it as you will.



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