• When: 2019-07-25
  • QIC: Misfire
  • The PAX: Polo, Sheets, Strom, Kilt, Drysdale, Kitty, Prom, Stent, Troll, Nelly, Misfire

A Nice Day at Swampfox

11 men took their DRP and posted at Swampfox this morning.  The conditions were excellent for a July summer morning.  YHC was still feeling the after effects of Hustler’s killer beatdown on Tues at Hammer, so I needed some motivation to put in the work. That meant absolutely zero burpees would be called.  Instead, the plan was to cover some ground, use good form to hit the upper body and abs, and then have some fun at Citadel Park.  Always a great time with the PAX at the AO that started it all for F3 and me many years ago.

Conditions – 69 degrees, low humidity, EXCELLENT

The Thang

Mosey over to grassy area in front of Crayton for warm up COP

  • 15 SSH IC
  • 15 Imperial Walkers IC
  • 20 squats IC
  • 20 Russian twists IC
  • 10 hand release merkins (no cheating)
  • 15 full range big boy sit-ups (feet down, shoulders and head touch the ground, all the way up)

Long run to Citadel Park following this route…

  • L on Clemson toward Forest
  • R into St Martin’s parking lot
  • Head through parking lot
  • R on Winthrop
  • Quick R onto Furman
  • Furman for several blocks
  • L on Chicora
  • L onto Wofford
  • Arrive at the park

…. while stopping 7 times along the way for…

  • 10 hand release merkins
  • 15 full range big boy sit-ups

Break into 3 groups

  • Group 1 – 5 pull-ups
  • Group 2 – 10 iron cross
  • Group 3 – 15 LBCs
  • Rotate through each station
  • Rinse and repeat X 5

Accountability pull-ups

Each PAX does 5 pull-ups in sequence while everyone else does AMRAP big boys and then squats while watching and encouraging.  Help anyone that needs it so we all get 5 good, full range pull-ups to finish off our 30.

Indian Run back to the flag via…

  • R on Wofford
  • L onto Converse
  • R on Clemson
  • L into parking lot


  • Break into 2 groups
  • Group 1 – sprint to end of parking lot and back (~150 yards total)
  • Group 2 – AMRAP merkins
  • Flapjack

COT/BOM – Misfire


  • I must repeat the conditions were outstanding this morning.  If you didn’t post, then you missed an ideal environment.
  • This one was harder than it looks on paper.  The hand release merkins, full range sit-ups, and pull-ups gave us a good challenge. Starting to feel a little soreness creeping in.
  • Swampfox is still going strong after all these years.  Good to see so many OGs back at the original “harder” AO.
  • Remember that a Q’s responsibilities include posting a back blast after EVERY boot camp or run group. No exceptions.  You owe it to the PAX that attended, and for the next Q so he doesn’t do the same exact thing the next day.


  • F3 Decathlon this Sat at Ben Lippen.  HC and sign-up via Splinter’s Twitter