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A Modified Murph to Start the Month

27 of Columbia’s finest assembled in the gloom of DHS knowing something was up but not exactly sure what.

Conditions: 74 degrees, partly cloudy and 94% humidity

The Thang — The Murph (modified) for time:

Starting at Heartbreaker’s Brickpile, Run Logo’s Loop (1 mile plus a little)

Return to the Brickpile for:

  • 100 cinder block curls
  • 200 merkins
  • 300 squats

Run Logo’s Loop again

Record your time in the notebook

Bonus — jog to Great Wall

  • People’s Chair x :60
  • Balls to the Wall until failure
  • LBC x 20
  • People’s Chair x :60
  • Balls to the Wall until failure

Run back to Hollywood Squares for COT

Ball of Man


  • This was our first attempt at “The Murph.” The well-known crossfit workout of the day (WOD) is named in honor of army Lt. Michael Murphy who was killed in Afghanistan in 2006. He was the first Medal of Honor winner from that theater of war, and this was his favorite pre-deployment workout.
  • The traditional “Murph” calls for 100 pullups, but since we don’t have pullup capability at DHS, we substituted curls with cinder blocks. If we repeat this, we will need to either increase the curl reps or find another substitution — the curls were just too easy.
  • The reps could be partitioned anyway the pax wanted. Most did 10/20/30 x10 sets.
  • The brothers Reynolds both finished sub-29 minutes, before many pax had begun their final Loop. #TClaps
  • TClaps also to War Daddy Jazz. Every Rep, every step, last to finish but finished it all. Well done, sir. #StrongerEveryDay
  • TClaps to Woody who single handedly accounted for our first concrete block casualty. #TwoDollars
  • Sway’s planning for a “race clock” went awry when there was no wi-fi available in the gloom. Next time, I’ll buy the app. The iPhone worked sufficiently well, but was not optimal.
  • 14 at Lizard’s Thicket for #2ndF was awesome. We are beginning to take over that place on Saturdays.

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  1. Quads and groin are still sore from the squats. Ran like I had no knees during the Amble warmup this morning. We definately need to keep this as a go to fitness test.

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