• When: 2017-12-21
  • QIC: Fountainhead
  • The PAX: LapDog, Kilt, Sheets, Furlough, Kitty & F'head

A Mary CHRISTMAS to #SwampFox

Six gentlemen rose early Thursday morn knowing that to #Fartsack days ahead of Christmas would only wreak more 1st F havoc amidst the holiday season.  And into that offering to the totem of consistency was poured respect and admiration by the fellow pax upon a welcome serving of Mary and misery… spelled out with cheer.

Conditions: High 40’s and a seasonally adjusted balmy.


With a few typical late arrivers not yet in place, 25 four count reps of SSH’s were called just to give anyone racing up Clemson a few extra seconds to peel into Crayton.  Seeing none, however, the crew moseyed out and down Coker to our first stop at Coker and Furman where the men got their first Mary taste.

  • BBSU’s X 12
  • Flutter Kicks X 25
  • Hello Dolly X 12

Continuing the route, to Coker & Wofford we stopped for a little more Mary:

  • LBC’s X 25
  • BBSU’s X 12
  • Iron Cross X 12

And on to Citadel and Coker for more Mary (we were becoming an exceedingly Mary band):

  • BBSU’s X 12
  • V-Ups X 12
  • Flutters X 25

And with a last round of May at the corner of Converse and Citadel we wrapped up the Mary portion of the workout:

  • Iron Cross X 12
  • BBSU’s X 12
  • LBC’s X 25

Now for the CHRISTMAS portion of the morning’s Q:

C – Crunches, AKA LBC’s X 25, 4CT IC
H – Humpers, AKA Monkey Humpers X 12, 4CT IC
R – Russian Twists X 25, 4CT IC
I – Iron Cross X 12 OYO
S – Squats X 25, 4CT IC
T – Twkerkins X 12 OYO (#CrowdPleaser…  Check them out in the Exicon)
M – Mercans X 25 OYO
A – Arm Circles, 12 4CT Forward & 12 4CT Backward
S – SSH’s X 25, 4CT IC

The S was left off at first and the pax substituted Sprints instead as the CHRISTMAS circuit was closed with a lap around Citadel Park before returning back to the spongy surface we’ve come to love after a good night of rain.

Rinse & Repeat the CHRISTMAS circuit TWICE more….  yep, there was plenty of Christmas cheer to go around.

LapDog was my chronological companion (meaning, he had a watch and I didn’t) and so, with limited time left, we headed quickly back to the corner of Converse and Clemson where we were reminded of the need for to have more Mary in our lives.

  • BBSU’s X 12 OYO
  • Iron Cross X 12 OYO
  • V-Ups X 12 OYO

And then, like Dasher and Dancer and all the rest we headed back to Crayton for one last minute of abs…

  • V-Ups X 25 OYO which hurt.

And so, with that, I left he pax with a Mary Christmas wish of my own… that their round little belly’s would not shake this season like a bowl full of jelly.