• When: 01/30/16
  • QIC: Fro Yo
  • The PAX: Pondo, Shade Tree, Kenny G, Backhoe, FroYo.

A little Fro Yo for yo weekend

Five guys total on a clear morning. Slight chill in the air that warmed simultaneously as the blinding sun rose over the Canopy of Galway.

Disclaimer then mosey to warm up area past the outdoor basketball court.

“Square Up” with FroYo in the middle.

20 Imperial Walkers IC

10 Squats IC

15 LBAC Forward, keep them up in between, then 15 Backward IC.

Mosey to circus. Pair up.

5 laps around circus alternating amrap exercises while partner runs each lap.

1) Calf raises on curb; 2) BBSU’s; 3) Flutter Kicks; 4) LBC’S; 5) Hello Dolly’s (aka The Two Notch).
Mosey to front of school.

20 Russian Twists 2-count

20 Squats

Mosey to Brick pile. Each grab big block.

Ladder circuit starting top to bottom.
10 CFG’s with blocks alternating to 10 Squats with blocks hanging between legs. Then decrease to 8 and 8, 6 and 6, 4 and 4, 2 and 2.
Head a few feet over to the Dora launching pad. Pair up.

At this point I believe is where Shade Tree let us in on a little secret: It is ok to express one’s opinion to another human, no matter how negatively it may be received, as long as (this is the important part) you close it with “Bless your heart”... This is what is now known as the “STM” (Shade Tree Method). Insert many examples for the STM here and let me know how you made out… Or “sign me” if you are no longer able to speak…..

I digress….


150 merkins combined alternating with running to oak tree and back.

100 Bench Presses with block combined alternating with running to oak tree and back.

50 BBSU’s each person. Dora is done. Return block to brick pile.
Mosey to back wall of school. When you dip we dip we dip….

Alternate with partner run to short black retaining wall of playground. First run do 20, second run 15, third run 10, fourth run 5 dips. Partner does People’s Chair and talks smack with others while partner runs to playground to do dips.
Mosey to COT. One last exercise I am calling the Ruffinator in honor of a buddy (more like the inch worm). Stand up straight and feet do not move. Bend down touch your toes, slowly “inch worm” with hands and extend into merkin position; do one merkin and inch worm back to feet and stand up straight. Did 5 times and work out was completed.



Then the “Double Work Crew” was born… Silver Bullet, Pondo, and FroYo head over to dig. And fill. And dig some more, and refill with Mr. Steve Lounsberry who is building an outdoor classroom platform for MES. Many thanks to neighborhood friends Mr. Lounsberry for the construction and Mr. Sean Branham who donated the materials for this project through his company.

[Drafted by Fro Yo.  Posted by Silver Bullet]


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