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A Great Day To Run

Rivet took the helm at The Brickpile on Tuesday and led the 28 pax (including 3 FNGs) on a painful jaunt through the Heathwood Neighborhood.

The Thang:


Side Straddle Hops (25)
Imperial Walkers (20)
Merkins (15)
LBC’s (20)
Carolina Dry Docks (15)
Flutter Kicks (20)

Jog to Heathwood Park. We then did five minutes of Burpees (5); Rocky sit-ups (10) and Mountain Climbers (10)

Jog to Devereaux then to Adger and then back to Dreher for Relay Races.

Relay Races started with:

25 yards of high knees then jog 25 (repeat)
25 yards of Bear Crawl then jog 25 (repeat)

Broke into four groups. In pairs, we did 50 yard sprints, then 100 yard sprints – repeat three times. One last 50 yard sprint to beat the Q.

Jog back to CT.

F3 car stickers were given for fastest runners of respective teams.


Ball of Man


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  1. the iphone. it is the solution to getting all the names. easy to use voice memo app. no scribbling, no need for rosetta stone when writing it up. i record the whole cot so any announcements get posted as well…just sayin.

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