• When: 09/03/15
  • QIC: Boris
  • The PAX: FNG Matt Tracy - Bushwood, GreenTree, Pipeline, Creole, Side Saddle, Lama, HappyTrezs, BoneSaw, Wikki, PaperCut, Improv, OnRamp, Teddy, SilverBullet, Pi, MeltDown, Oddessy, LoveSeat, BackDraft, Stretch, FroYo

6 Stations of Fun for the Woodshed Boys!

24 PAX at The Woodshed this morning. Great crowd for my first Q at the Shed. It was not a easy workout but I hope it pushed the Pax to get a little better this morning. When I got home I enjoyed one of my Ensures that the Pax gave me this morning. This might have been the first time 2 people over 50 workouted at the Woodshed. BackDraft and I really messed up the age curve today.  F3 Columbia and The Woodshed would like to welcome FNG Matt Tracy – Bushwood (will need to change per Huffy)

Conditions: A Wonderful 75 Degrees, Clear skys

Mosey from back parking lot to the area behind the park building


SSH – 20 4ct

Merkins – 10 4ct

High/Low Plank

Mountain Climbers – 20 OYO

Little Arm Circles Front/Back – 15 4ct

The Thang

Mosey over to the baseball field. Number off into 5 groups, line up in your group.  Explained what each team will be doing this morning. Each team will do the four exercises per station then move to the next station. They will try to complete as many rounds as possible in 45 minutes.

Station 1 – All exercises w/ sandbags: (4) 50lbs Sandbags, For Improv & PipeLine 5lb Dumbbells & a Yoga Mat (Ask them to explain)

1. 30 Bench Presses

2. 20 Alternating Shoulder Presses – Right Shoulder count

3. 25 Curls for the Girls

4. 20 Bench Presses

5. Sprint to Station 2

Station 2

1. 25 Iron Crosses

2. 25 Plank Jacks

3. 25 Big Boy Situps – Shoulder Blades touch the ground

4. 30 Hip Thrusters

5. Sprint to Station 3

Station 3

1. 75 No Weight Shoulder Presses

2. 20 Burpees

3. 25 Merkins

4. 15 Burpess

5. Bear Crawl to Station 4

Station 4 

1. 40 Squats

2. 25 Russian Twist – Right side count

3. 30 (4-Count) Flutter Kicks – Legs Straight & 8″ to 12″ off ground

4. 30 Squats

Backwards Run to Station 5

Station 5

1. 50 Mountian Climbers – Right Leg Count

2. 20 Jump Squats – Hands touch the ground

3. 25 Big Boy Situps – Shoulder Blades touch the ground

4. 30 Calf Raises

5. Backwards Run to Station 6

Station 6

1. 25 Merkins

2. 15 Wide Arm Merkins

3. 10 Diamond Merkins

4. 15 Monkey Humpers

5. Bear Crawl to Station

Mosey back to the back parking lot and circle up


Great work by everyone this morning.  This was tough but fun and everyone really pushed themselves hard. Thanks for letting me Q and for the Ensure!!


1.  Sign up for Mud Run by 09/12/15

2.  09/04/15 Stumble Regular Time, Could see new Falg

3.  09/07/15 5:30pm Bull on Fire lead by Improv and BackDraft, Bring some weight if attending

4.  09/14/15 GritIron starts at The Woodshed

5.  Tuesday night at East Minster 3rdF Opportunity contact PaperCut for details

BOM –  Boris

0 thoughts on “6 Stations of Fun for the Woodshed Boys!”

  1. Boris, looks like a serious Beatdown! Thanks for coming out to the Shed! I really hate that I missed it. Got to get you back soon.

  2. I knew I would get paid back for Dawn Strike with an upper body smokefest. And for some reason I posted anyway. You did not disappoint.

    Also, quietest COT I’ve ever been in. Maybe the pax were intimidated. Or maybe they thought you were napping during plank time and didn’t want to wake you up.

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