• When: 09/03/15
  • The PAX: Bluegrass, Roscoe, Moonriver, First Choice, Cheesey, Obama, Underwood, Yogi Bear, Ripple, Cutler, Cesspool, Halftime, Heartbreaker, Dusty, Rip, Pinkeye, JB, Cavity, Woody and Logo.

4 Corners at the Brickpile

20 faithful gathered for some four corners of pain at the Brickpile.  While the late Dean Smith of UNC basketball fame perfected the “slowdown” four corners, QIC modified the concept to bring “up tempo” to this four corners.  T Claps to Woody for introducing the four corners one Saturday morning.

Conditions:  73 and slightly humid

The Thang

Mosey to front of school for COP.  All exercises performed in cadence 4 count unless noted.

SSH x 25

Merkins x 10

Freddie Mercury’s x 20

Mosey to tree line on lower field – plank while instructions are given


Jog/Mosey along tree line towards opposite side of field.  Perform exercises noted below.  100 yard sprint.  Perform exercise.  Jog/Mosey to opposite side of field.  Perform exercise.  100 yard sprint back to tree line.  Plank till everyone finished and instruction was given for next exercise.  These exercises were single count.

Merkins x 25 at each corner

Jump Squats x 25 at each corner

Russian Twist x 25 at each corner – counting left side only.

Merkins x 10 – diamond at corners 1 and 3.  Wide arms at corners 2 and 4

6 inches and low plank – 6 inches at corners 1 and 3.  Low plank at corners 2 and 4

Lunges – 5 each leg.  Stop after corner 3 and mosey to Great Wall of Pain

Peoples chair x 45 sec.

Decline merkins x 10 in cadence

Peoples chair x 45 sec.

Mosey to Brickpile for Block work

Combo of bench press with block straight into nose busters – 20 block press in cadence and 10 nose busters in cadence.

25 Big Boy situps OYO

Curls for the girls x 10 – full extension x 10 starting up and going half way down x 10 starting down and going half way up and finally 10 full extension.

25 Big Boy situps OYO

Nose busters x 10 straight into Burnout bench press x 20

The flutter kick x 25

Burn out curls for the girls x 10

Mosey to COT and BOM.


BOM:  Prayers for Walker Phillips and his family during this difficult time.  Halftime (Rox Pollard) is collecting money to purchase Robber’s Freed to Lead shirts for our Mission F3 brothers.  Reach out to him if interested in making a donation for this cause.

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