• When: 09/03/15
  • QIC: Fountainhead
  • The PAX: Sheets Crusty, BatBoy, Chaser, Splinter, Korn with a K, LeVar, Polo, Furlough, Mulch, Scam (FNG Ben Chapel), Hakim (FNG Joe Pace), Spread, F'head

Tour de Lot

14 of Columbia’s finest (pax) showed up at #SwampFox with very little idea of the plan for the morning… YHC included.  Every once in a while the hankering for a Wienkeless Q takes hold and its just good to see what comes of it.  Today, the route provided the opportunities, the Q simply filled in a few pearls.

Conditions: 75 Degrees, 85% Humidity


From the CMS lot, mosey around to the main school entrance for an inaugural COP including:

  • SSH X 30 IC 4CT
  • Mountain Climbers X 30 IC 4CT
  • Mercans X 15 IC 4CT
  • Squats X 30 IC 4CT
  • Big Boy Situps X 30 IC 4CT

Mosey up Clemson and into the Stagecoach parking lot on the corner holding 6″ until the pax are assembled for a little more:

  • Russian Twists X 30 IC 4CT
  • Carolina Dry Docks X 15 IC 4CT
  • Lunges X 15 each leg OYO

Mosey around onto Forest Drive to the TJ’s lot for a Two Buck COP:

  • Wide Arm Mercans X 10 IC 4CT
  • LBC’s X 30 IC 4CT
  • Waist Mercans X 5 IC 4CT
  • Squats X 10 IC 4CT
  • Diamond Mercans X 5 IC 4CT
  • Russian Twists X 15 IC 4CT
  • Mercans X 10 IC 4CT

Mosey to the Sprint parking lot for, you guessed it, Honey Cat Suicides

  • Starting at the first parking lot lamp, sprint to the first parking sign and back, the second, third and fourth with a final sprint to the far parking lot lamp and back.  Double down on the Honey Cat Suicide before walking off the MSG around the front of the next building.

Mosey behind Bonefish and McAlisters to the Pasta Fresca Lot:

  • Iron Cross X 30 OYO 4CT
  • Mercans X 15 IC 4CT

Mosey around the back of PF and Rite Aid to the welcoming grassy knoll behind the Circle K:

  • Big Boy Situps X 30 OYO 4CT
  • Mercans X 15 IC 4CT

Mosey (at long last) out to Trenholm and loop around the corner to Winthrop heading back uphill toward the barn.  At the corner of Winthrop and Citadel:

  • Protractor with a round of 6″ Hello Dollys X 10 IC 4CT (surprising #CrowdPleaser)

Mosey up to the corner of Coker and Wofford:

  • Plankorama with a threepete low Mercan hold (also popular)

Mosey to the corner of Coker and Furman:

  • Squats X 15 IC 4CT

Mosey up to Clemson for a final COP:

  • Flutter Kicks X 30 IC 4CT
  • Burpees X 30 OYO (or AMRAP for the closing 3 minutes)

Mosey (dejectedly) back to the COT for the naming of a few FNG’s (Welcome!) and the BOM.

Devotional by LeVar on having an eternal perspective on the days of our life, that we might store up treasures in heaven.  Death comes to us all.  Tragically from our perspective, the long time organist of First Presbyterian Church passed away last night while at church.  He had just, that afternoon, played the rebuilt FPC organ and was leading the choir in practice for worship on Sunday when the Lord called him home.  Please pray for the Miller family.


  • You never can be sure what you’re going to get when Q’ing it up without a net.  While not what I’d recommend for any new guy to F3, there’s a certain satisfaction in wearing yourself out in the gloom on the fly.  I’m smoked and hope it was an equally beneficial workout to the other 13 guys.
  • Welcome to a couple visitors.  Scam, an Auburn grad, got nicknamed as a slight to Cam Newton.  This evening’s USC opening game up on Charlotte is clearly on everyone’s mind.  Hakim, through a far more circuitous route, was named for Eddie Murphy’s character in Coming to America as he’s visiting from Queens, NY.  ‘Might be time to launch F3NYC!  #ChaserBaiting
  • Strong work guys.


  • The #BullOnFire cranks up Labor Day morning, 5:30.  Some of the run groups are taking the opportunity to visit the concrete beast.  It’s going to be an otherwise lazy day so post early in honor of the firefighters who gave their lives on September 11th.
  • Labor Day 5 miler is also that morning… double down?  #Brutal.
  • 2nd F Lunch today at Salsarita’s in the Vista.  Don’t forget.


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