• When: September 3, 2015
  • QIC: Sweetness
  • The PAX: Misfire, Duckie, McNugget, Garnish, BooBoo, Collar, ChopShop, Aarrgh, Detour

Indian block walks and hills at #Hammer

September has proved hotter than August as it was a fairly muggy morning at #Hammer.  Hills are always a nice touch to a workout, but today we got creative with the #cinderblocks.


The Thang:

COP Field

* SSH- 20 (4ct)

* Baby arm circles forward and backward- 15 (4ct)

* 10 hand release merkins

* 10 squats- all the way down

Grab a cinder block from the pile and get in a single file line at the end of the field.  Begin an “Indian Walk” with the cinder blocks overhead to the other side of the field.

Run down Covenant to Roberts Springs, stopping at the bottom of Barnes Springs Rd.

* Run up the hill and do 5 burpees, back down and do 4, back up and do 3 until complete, plank when done to wait on the pax.

COP at bottom of the hill:

* Flutter kicks- 20 (4ct)

* 30 LBCs on your own

* Imperial squat walker- 15 (well, so we think, as the QIC’s count wasn’t stellar)

Run back

COP Field

* With all the cinder blocks in a pile on one end, line up sitting down, alternating facing direction.  Each man does a sit up with the block and then passes it down.  Do this down and back twice.

* Grab the cinder block and in a single file line, begin the “Indian Walk” again around the perimeter of the field, rotating the cinder block position after each new man gets to the front of the line.  Put cinder blocks away.

* Half the pax line up at the goal line with the other half 10 yards away facing them.  “Deon” sprint down and back.

* To the wall for 90 seconds of wall sits to complete the workout.



  • Plenty going on.  The #Spur launch continues and they need your help and support as Q’s and just general pax.
  • We’re exploring a launch in Rosewood. Please pass along names of prospective FNG’s from that area.  Contact Chaser, HeeHaw, YHC, or Cornstache with questions/FNG names.
  • #MudRun sign-up is on-going.  Myrtle is the Columbia Q.  Sign-up now and do so as a single runner.  We’ll get the teams squared away closer to the event.
  • Keep Walker Phillips in your prayers.  He’s back int he hospital and NailPop and the fam sound like they’re really hurting right now.  It’s easy to move past that situation and resume your everyday life but for them it’s simply not possible.  Please pray for peace and direction

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