• When: 09/02/2015
  • QIC: Subprime
  • The PAX: Subprime, Polo, Costanza, Driveby, Gump, Windy, Cornstache, RA, Periscope, Cesspool, Fannie, Furlough, Stent, Myrtle, Turtle, Gypsy

6 miles more fun than 7 or 8

Posting on behalf of Subby…since he did fill in for me, I can at least post the workout.

Originally, I thought I was a no-go for this morning, so Subby came in for the rescue and Q’d for me. I was able to make a last minute post though. At least I can become Subby’s secretary this morning and post the workout.

Say 70- more humid than I enjoy
The Thang-

From SPC
Right on Devine
Left on Adger
Right on Tomaka
Left on Heatherwood
Straight to Buchanan
Left on Trenholm
Right on Brennan
Left on Bellefield
Right on Kathwood (buzz by Scramble)
Left on Sanford
Right on Kilbourne
Left on Brennan
Right on Devereaux
Left on Adger
Right on Devine back to SPC

Total 6 miles.

Nice to have a Wednesday Run not 7-8 miles…glad BRR is tapering so we can get back to the 6 mile route. I have a feeling we will be back to 7-8 very soon.
This route was much hillier and tougher than expected this morning
Nice to have the flyby with Scramble- those guys are gaining some speed.
Thanks for Gump to lead Windy and Cornstache off course, thus not becoming the lead pack coming in. Those three were fast today.

Ramble on Labor Day only is moving to the Bull. Come support this event.
Mud Run Signups through 9/12/2015.
Buy Driveby’s Book.

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