• When: 2017-08-31
  • QIC: Ramjack
  • The PAX: Shuttlecock, Cottontail, Tweetsie, Gepetto, Krylon, Butterbean, Ikea, Rudder, Squidward, Mustard, "Bouncing" Betty Crocker, Shedder, Daddy Warbucks, Valdex

15 pax rolled out of the #sack this AM for the exciting return of the Blocks. YHC has not loaded the blocks up for a while and spent a good bit of time contemplating on how many to bring.  YHC decided 20 would be a good number after carefully loading each block YHC realized at 46 lbs a block the truck was loaded with over 900 lbs of concrete fun.

Weather – In the 60s? with a little humidity


When YHC let the tailgate down revealing the blocks there was a good bit of mubblechatter that would soon quickly die out.

Each pax grabbed a deck block and we Cusacked over to the carpool line.


LBACx13 IC YHC srewed up meant to do 12 due to the blocks being 12 inch by 12 inch

Reverse LBAC x12 IC

Cherrypickers x12 IC

Overhead press x12 IC

Overhead Clap x12 IC

Circle up for a Merkin Ring of Fire. All Pax hold a high plank and first person does 1 merkin next pax goes and so on increasing by 1 until all have done 5 merkins.

The Thang

Block Burners

Push the deck block 40 yards do 1 big boy with block. Return to start line and do 11 merkins on the block. Rinse and repeat but with 2/10, 3/9…….12/0.

On the way back to our vehicles we stopped to wait for the six and completed 5 burpees. When the six caught up we did 5 more burpees and continued to Cusack back to our vehicles.

Too bad time ran out was looking forward to bringing back the Merkin Block Clock, but there is always next time.

Great work men! The parking lot was left with the distinct smell of burnt concrete, comparable to getting your teeth drill according to Gepetto.


New run group Lumbering Beast on Wednesdays for the bigger and slower pax who wish to get better.

Ikea is a HC for the Ruck on Friday. Wheels up at 0500 at the Food Lion

Saturday is F3sbee need a big crowd.


Prayers for Houston and Gepetto’s Brother in Law.