• When: 2017-08-31
  • QIC: Plan B
  • The PAX: TT, Maury, Gringo, Perdue, Meter Maid, Spano, Tory, Plan B

If you puke in your mouth and swallow it, does it still count as a merlot???

On the heels of a near triple-digit Tuesday for the boys of Lake Murray, Foxhole welcomed 8 pax for a good ol’ fashioned toughy this morning.  In the spirit of trying to keep things fresh, we split into teams for some relay action.  The effort level was high and the motors were pushing the redline a few times as it soon became apparent that 20 reps of anything seems like such a good idea on paper.  But in the heat of the moment, combined with 100 yard sprints and the weight of not letting your team down…. 20 of anything sucks.  Nonetheless, we pushed through and finished off a strong workout in the slightly more humid August air.  And as an added bonus, I only had to swallow my own vomit twice!  Does that count as merlot???

Great work this morning.  It was a fun one!

CONDITIONS: 70 and nice


  1. Disclaimer & Warmup:
  • SSH x 15, TTT x 10, Walker x 15, Windmill x 10
  • Little Arm Circles, Overhead Arm Clap, Dirty Bird, Raise the Roof (all x 20)
  • Mosey to planters
  • 25 dips
  • 10 Incline merkins
  • 10 decline merkins
  • 10 hand release merkins
  • Mosey to football field
  1. The Dutch Fork Relay… (DFR, not BRR):

Line up on 50 – Count off into 2 teams, each team facing an endzone

First full team finished and in position at midfield wins the round

  • 20 Merkins – Run to goal line and back & plank (Team 2 won)
  • 20 Jump Squats – Run to goal line and back & Air Chair (Team 1)
  • 20 Monkey Humpers – Backwards to goal line, sprint back & plank (Team 1)
  • 20 Plank Jacks- sprint to goal line and backpedal back & air chair (Team 1)
  • 10 Burpees – Run to goal line and back & lay on back (Team 2)
  • Winning team (wins 3 or more relays) picks prize for winners and losers
  • TEAM 1 took the crown (Perdue, Maury, TT, Gringo)
    • 1 round of stadium stiars or what’s behind door #2 (20 burpees)
    • Team 1 wanted the stadium stairs
    • TEAM 2 got the Burpees (Plan B, Spano, Tory, Meter Maid)
  1. 5 Points of Fun: start at midfield
  • Corner 1 – 20 BBSU
  • Back to midfield – 3 burpees
  • Corner 2 – 20 Russian Twists
  • Back to midfield – 3 burpees
  • Corner 3 – 20 Freddie Mercury
  • Back to midfield – 3 burpees
  • Corner 4 – 20 Iron Cross
  • Back to midfield – 3 burpees
4. To the flag:


  • Convergence at Foxhole Saturday
  • LM to cover Laurens launch Saturday
  • Nov. 11th Run Hard 10k in Lex in memory of Cheech
  • Check the website for run groups/options on M,W,F
  • Come back next week and bring a friend.


John 1:16

“From the fullness of His grace, we have all received blessing after blessing.”

  • Remember that everything we have is a gift
  • Don’t take things for granted
  • Be thankful for all we have
  • Go out and try to earn these blessings (even though we can never do enough to earn all that God has given us)!