• When: 02/21/17
  • QIC: Chaser
  • The PAX: BillyBob, BooBoo, Collar, Misfire, Splinter, ChopShop, Pinkman, Garnish, F3 St. Simons Island's HeeHaw, Ducky, Wall-E, Sorry, Chaser

#Hammer Does It Right

13 appeared in the perfect gloom this morning at #Hammer and were met with an admittedly, but purposefully and premeditatedly (new word), chippy Q who had a point to make about form, effort and purpose. The gist: Quit with the racing and do the exercises right. No one gets any better by doing half-ass work day in and day out. Too many of us cut corners to keep up with the Joneses and form is sacrificed, therefore improvement is sacrificed and we cease to get better (and we look like a joke when we do head-bob pushups and three inch squats). So…an announcement was made at the get go that every merkin done this day would be done chest-to-ground, each squat would be done at or below parallel and we would not race each other through the work. YHC hopes more than a few of the 13 wake up a bit sore tomorrow from adding depth to the work.

Conditions: 49 and clear. Perfect.

From the drop. 4ct in cadence:
20 SSH
10 chest-to-ground merkins
10 parallel or below squats

Fast mosey from COT down Satchel Ford to the corner at Oak Hill:
21/15/9 reps of merkins/squats/sit-ups (“Don’t even look at each other, do your work full depth“)

Fast mosey down Satchel Ford to the corner at Westfield:
50 4ct flutter kicks in cadence

Fast mosey to Fernwood, turn left, stop half-way between SF and Pine Branch:
21/15/9 reps of merkins/squats/sit-ups

Fast mosey down Fernwood, turn left on Pine Branch:
50 4ct flutter kicks in cadence

Fast mosey up Pine Branch almost to Pine Valley:
21/15/9 reps of merkins/squats/sit-ups

Fast mosey to Pine Valley, turn left, up the hill to SF.
25 SSH in cadence while the group reforms.

Fast mosey and then to COT afap (as fast as possible) to finish, plank for the 6.

led by Chaser

– Welcome to HeeHaw from St. Simons Island. Thanks for checking in with us. One great thing about F3 is often you can find an AO nearby when traveling, especially in the southeast. Next time you’re out of town seek out your nearest AO and meet some new guys.
– We covered just a hair under 2.5 miles and did alot of solid work this morning. Legs, arms, chest and abs got work and we breathed hard, sweated and pushed our range of motion to where it should be. A win in my book. The numbers, which shouldn’t matter, are still impressive especially since we took our time to do the reps right: 155 chest-to-ground merkins, 155 full depth squats, 135 big boy sit-ups, 100 4ct flutter kicks and ran 2.5 miles. Not bad for 45 minutes. Good work men.

Mud Run signups are ongoing with more information to come from F3 Columbia soon.
Want to go to Israel? I have a way to make that happen in 2018. Holler at me on twitter @F3Chaser or email if you want to know more [email protected]

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