• When: 2017-10-19
  • QIC: WelcomeWeek (29)
  • The PAX: Promo, BetaMax, Cesspool, Fallout, Spanky, Beads, Boris (respect), Insanity, BiggieSmalls, Welcome Week.

29… 29… 29… Thunder PAX learn the power of 29

YHC had a few lingering ideas for today’s Q. YHC felt that it was best to clear up the confusion surrounding my age after being confused for a 19, 16, and even 14 year old, mostly by Robber.

Weather: 45 according to WIS. PAX disagreed and were in love with the first short sleeved turtleneck shirt that YHC had on display.

The thang…
Circle up,
Little baby arm circles x 29 IC
Overhead clap x 29 IC

Mosey to Emily Douglas

PAX were instructed to complete each exercise, going up one step along the way.

Round 1:
Decline merkins x 29
Squat x 29
Carolina Dry Dock x 29
Big boy situp x 29
**Run down King, down the steps and back to the amphitheater for a rinse and repeat.

PAX completed AMRAP squats on the 6.

Monkey humpers x 29 IC
Mountain climber x 29 IC

Round 2:
Box jump x 29
Merkin x 29
LBC x 29
Jump squat x 29

Mosey back to Hand parking lot
Circle up
Flutter kick x 29 IC

Mosey to the field and partner up

P1 completes as many reps as possible while P2 runs across the field and back. Working up to the following reps per pairing:

Burpee x 100
Merkin x 100
LBC x 100
Squat x 100

Mosey to the flag

Hand release merkin x 29 IC
Arm circles for 20 seconds to close


Great “quick” devo by Insanity