• When: 2015
  • QIC: Pebbles
  • The PAX: Anyone

2015 Fuel Challenge

Gentlemen, it’s that time again! New years resolutions, weightloss goals, race goals, muscle gain goals, etc. — whether you are on a dreaded plateau in weight-loss, are still bouncing on the pogo stick (though perhaps at a lesser rate than before), or you’re in tip top shape but know you could stand to eat better, it’s time to refocus and refuel.

Let me preface this by saying that I am not an expert nor nutritionist. I am just a guy who has had success in F3 — especially during previous Fuel Challenges. Also, allow me to remind you that the Fuel Challenge is NOT meant to be a crash diet. It is about re-training your mind and body to eat the right foods in the right portions. The 30+ lbs I have lost through previous fuel challenges was a by-product of conditioning my mind that FOOD is FUEL — not just a party for my taste buds — and once the tank has what it needs, the rest goes to the spare tire. I still struggle with the pogo pounds, but on a much smaller scale. This year, I want to nip that by refocusing the beginning of each month. Which brings me to…


Spend the FIRST 10 DAYS of EVERY MONTH in full fuel challenge mode (described below) with ONE cheat meal to use at your discretion.

EXCEPTION: January challenge will be the 5th-14th so that we can get past the new years lunch and left-overs and have time to prepare.



Your Challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to spend the first 10 days of every month strictly following the list below. You can spend the rest of the month eating regularly, but hopefully better following the mental kickstart each month. This challenge will give you a chance to test yourself with the support of your fellow men of F3. And maybe this year, will finally be the year you reach your goal and step off the pogo stick. The program has a base list of items that are prohibited as follows:

  • No Fried Foods
  • No Fast Food (including Pizza)
  • No Red Meat
  • No Breads (including white starches: rice, pasta, potatoes. However, whole grain pastas and brown rice are accepted in moderation.)
  • No Cream based sauces/dressings (this includes fat-free options)
  • No Potato Chips, Snack Machine Foods, Etc.
  • No Sugar Pumped Desserts
  • No Sodas (including “diet” drinks)
  • No Sweet Tea (This kills me!)

This leaves many food and drink items available – no one will go hungry! To lift your spirits, here’s a list of some DOs:

  • Veggies
  • Protein: Chicken, Fish, Pork, Eggs, Nuts (high in fat so moderate)
  • Fruits (in moderation as they are high in sugar)
  • Grains: Whole grains, Oats
  • Dairy
  • Hydration: Lots of H20, 100% fruit juice (moderate due to high sugars), coffee, unsweet tea, milk (moderate due to fat: almond milk is a great substitute)


There is ONE free pass per 10 day period, known as “The Cheat Meal” – this could be a birthday party, steak dinner, pizza, or a drinking occasion etc. (And remember, a free pass is for ONE MEAL only, NOT an entire day!)

As a general rule, just eat/drink the stuff God made, not the stuff man altered. Check out these previous fuel challenge posts for some suggestions:
Fuel Challenge Survival Guide
2014 Fall Fuel Challenge

As always, this is a “Do what you can to do” situation — but also remember, you can almost always do more than you think you can. If you want to join in this Fuel Challenge, HC in the comments below WITH YOUR EMAIL or write directly to [email protected] There will be an email chain with a reminder at the end of each month to get us ready for the next portion of the challenge. Plus we can swap recipes and brag on our Ms for their awesome challenge-friendly creations.


0 thoughts on “2015 Fuel Challenge”

    1. Popcorn should be fine as long as its not a whole bag of super mega ultra butter deluxe theater flavor. The best popcorn for hardly any calories and low on carbs is Skinny Pop brand, big bags can be had at Sams Club for $5 and its about 40 cal and 4 carbs per cup serving and it actually tastes great.

  1. Looks like some strong Pax showing for this. Still collecting addresses, but look for an official start email tomorrow. Challenge commences Monday!

  2. HC…Been on it since the 5th, lost 6 #s. Shweet! 3rd year in, now if I can get off the yoyo.

    [email protected]. by the way, what is the ruling on tortilla’s? Can’t take the tortilla out of the Mexican! #mexican’t

    1. I would wager that they are acceptable as long as they are whole grain and do not contain “enriched white flour.” The goal of the “no breads” (as far as I am concerned), is to eliminate white starches which our bodies treat pretty much the same as pure sugar. I put whole grain tortillas in the same category as whole grain pastas and brown rice.

  3. PAX of 2015 Fuel Challenge, I took it deep last night on my cheat meal…Budweiser, bourbon, lots of fried food. At one line we had one pound of bacon on our table! I am pumped to get clean again today. This is a great challenge and I’m happy to be a part of it. By the way, check out flipside if you’re ever in Music City, it’s phenomenal!

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