• When: 01/14/16
  • QIC: Hee-Haw
  • The PAX: Cornstache

2 is better than None at Blitz

On the website Blitz is listed as an “Intense Boot Camp.” It gets that designation while all other AO’s in our Region are just listed as “Boot Camp.” YHC submits that this label must be scarring all the pax away. Seems Blitz is just too hard for them, and this morning it definitely was. Here’s what YOU missed:



The Thang:


Run over and get a block, then “circle” up.

25 Chest Presses IC
20 Squats IC
15 Curls IC
10 Mercans, on the block, IC

Drop your Block and fast mosey over to the Track.

100 meter Burpee-Broad Jumps (seriously)
Lunge Walk the curve (another 100 meters)
Run the straight (another 100 meters)
Lunge Walk the curve (100 meters)
Flutter Kicks (25 IC)

100 meter Burpee-Broad Jumps

Fast mosey, through the woods, back to the Blocks.

15 Curls IC (time was running short)

Return Blocks and fast mosey back to the flag.




YHC would work out with Cornstache any day, any time, any where, and in any condition. That dude pushes everyone to get better. #IronSharpensIron.

It’s pretty disappointing that no other pax could be bothered to show up this morning. Sure, it was cold, but trust me we warmed up fast. But, as Cola’s only “intense boot camp,” looks like Blitz is just too hard for you. #IfYouScaredSayYouScared.


If you’d have been there you would have heard them. Next time show up.

That’s all…for now

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