• When: 2019-01-29
  • QIC: Dominion
  • The PAX: Abner, Mulligan, 2 Star, Twerk, Taxslayer, MacGruber, Saget, Upcharge, Rec, Flipper, Big Al, Wee Wee, Miranda, Drysdale, Escobar, Dominion

16 Pax Post for Super Bowl Trivia

16 Pax Post for Super Bowl Trivia

Conditions: Clear, 44 degrees and a slight breeze

1 Min Warning, Disclaimer, No FNGs

The Thang

Mosey to through the parking lot to the other side of the school

How many points did the Patriots score in Super Bowl 37? – Answer 20
SSH x20 IC

How many points did the Rams score in Super Bowl 37? – Answer 17
TTT x 17 IC

Mosey to school entrance

How old is Jared Goff? – Answer 24
IW x24 IC (we only did 23 since Goff was 23 at one point in his life)

How long was the field goal that Adam Vinateiri hit as time expires for the Pats to win Super Bowl 37? – Answer 48
48 Toe Touches OYO
Since no one got this correct, we had one more trivia question for good measure.

How many Super Bowl Appearances is this for Tom Brady? – Answer 9
9 Burpees OYO

Form two lines and Indian Run around school to the parking lot area on the side.

What is Tom Brady and Jared Goff known for throwing? Answer – BOMBS
Partner up.

Pax 1 does exercise at the bottom while Pax 2 runs uphill to the next light (45 yards or so)
Swap out and continue the exercise until each amount of reps are complete

The exercises and reps for BOMBS are:
Burpees – 50
OH Claps – 100
Merkins – 150
BB Situps – 200
Squats – 250

Mary Call Out
Toe Touches x20 IC– Rec
Iron Crosses x20 OYO – Wee Wee
Mountain Climbers x20 OYO – MacGruber
LBC x 15IC – Flipper
Hello Dolly x15 OYO – Big Al
Burpees x5 OYO – Miranda
Flutter Kicks x20 IC – Drysdale
Box Cutters x16 IC – Abner
Elbows to Knees x 10 IC (both sides) – Upcharge

Recover to the Flag
Last second P200 Team forming – Contact McGruber
Hollow Saturday

Prayer Requests
Juice’s Father In Law and entire family
Susan Johnson
MacGruber’s Boss
Taxslayer’s Coworker’s Surgery went well
Drysdale’s classmate’s Knee injury
Dominion’s family friend

The Pax got in roughly 2 miles of activity during Boot Camp.
Kudos to Wee Wee for reluctantly guessing BOMBS after many missed guesses from other Pax.
Rec getting better with Ostarine.
Abner’s 16 Box Cutters in honor of the greatest QB of all time.
Drysdale’s weather reports never seem to fail us.
8 Pax showed for SL.