• When: 2017-12-23
  • QIC: Country Boy, Spokes
  • The PAX: McLovin; Enterprise; Zuckerberg; Dragon Fly; Hot Shot; Corn Dog; Bullseye; Heist; Floppy Disk; Big Worm; Drummer Boy; Prom Night; Stirrups(Respect); Hawg; Heisenberg(Respect); Alter Boy; Columbo; Country Boy; Pole Position; Training Wheels(Respect); Serena; Spokes(Respect)

12/23 The Mission boot camp

12/23 The Mission

Weather wise it was a beautiful morning. A COQ by Spokes and Country Boy.

Spokes prayed us in and then gave the disclaimer.


The Thang:


Country Boy started off with three warm ups

20 Little Arm Circles IC (front and back)


20 Through the tunnel IC


Mosey to field for more warm ups from Spokes.

30 Flutter kicks IC


25 Iron crosses OYO


Mosey back to flag for Diamond of Death. Giant diamond of cones set up in the front field. We paired off and got in line. Sprint to first cone. 3 Burpees. Frankenstein walk to next cone for 3 pull ups. Sprint to next cone for 3 more burpees. Bear Crawl back to start cone.  Run that circuit 3 times.


Mosey over to the famous Mission amphitheater.

All the way up and back down each level.

10 inclined merkins each level to top.

10 dips each level going down to bottom.


Mosey to Grassy Knoll.

Spokes led us through some exercises on a crazy inclined grassy hill.

10 decline merkins OYO

20 PG rated Monkey humpers IC (we had 2.0s present)

12 LBCs facing up the hill. Very difficult until you find your balance.

20 Monkey Humpers IC


Country Boy called for a jailbreak to the flag where we had just enough time for what’s quickly becoming a regular at F3TheMission, a mile long Tunnel of Love. All this done while Country Boy had a ruck on carrying 30#.


Count o rama 22

Name o rama

AAR: These guys are getting good at Qing their workouts!

Prayer request

Pray out


We then headed back up to coffeteria for some light breakfast casseroles and fellowshipped. Also able to discuss new mission shirt designs almost to completion