• When: 12-23-2017
  • QIC: Columbo
  • The PAX: Tea Party, Garmin, Choo-Choo, Contra, Enos, Loose Screw, Aim High, Alter Boy, Hoser, Sand Dollar, Eve, Prom Night, Inuit, Ocho Cinco, Convoy, Lockbox, Pole Position, Columbo (QIC).

Ugly Christmas Sweaters and Ugly PAX

#theherd had it’s annual ugly sweater workout today on a cloudy 53 degree morning.  Members of #strutbrigade joined in the celebration, however none were dressed for the occasion.  A total of 18 PAX partook in the festivities.  11 from the #theherd 7 from #strutbrigade.  After the workout several members of #theherd went to #F3themission for additional CSAUP stuff and spend time encouraging the men of the mission.

After disclaimer and opening prayer PAX moseyed to the concession stand with one PAX toting a warm casserole dish to plug in for some later enjoyment.  Circle up for warm up with SS hops, TT Tunnel, LBC’s, Imperial Walkers, Etc.

Two lines one behind the other for distance of approximately 20 yards: lunge walk, side lunge walk, bear crawl to and from.

Mosey to the parking lot circle up count toff 1s and 2s.  1s get a block and 2s plank.  PAX take turns.  1s run a suicide in the parking lot while 2s do curls for the girls etc.  squats, overhead press were also utilized.  PAX then carry a block a distance of 1/2 of the parking lot while others did additional exercises.  Set up blocks for farmer’s carry walk the parking lot while other PAX did several exercises.

Mosey to one of the larger baseball fields and line up on the left field foul pole.  5 squats, run outer perimeter of field to 1st light pole, do 5 merkins, run to next light pole for 5 BB sit ups, run to right field foul pole 5 iron crosses.  Run to backstop for 20 calf raises.  Run back to the starting point.  Rinse and repeat increasing reps by 5 each set.  We went up to 20 and then moseyed back to the shovel flag for a few rounds of merry.

Always a pleasure to lead these men.  All gave effort.  All gave encouragement.  All are a pleasure to lead.

Announcements:  Quick coffiteria and re-convene at F3themission for additional.  New Years convergence at #thehollow 0700.

Prayer Requests:  Aim High’s son serving in Afghanistan.  Waylon home for Christmas.



We planted OKC Community Church in 2012 and when we first began dreaming about the church, I kept coming back to this simple hope that we would be a community of people who desires to be the church the best way we know how. The goal wasn’t to do something different or even new, but instead it was to embody what the church was always supposed to be.

Most of us are aware that the church in America is struggling to find its place in our changing culture and as a result is shrinking and losing influence, especially among young people. This leaves us wondering if we should fight against the culture that is pushing the church to the margins of society, or do we look ourselves in the mirror and ask, “what must we do differently?”

The story of the early church in Acts is an incredible example to learn from. They were radically generous, wholly devoted to scripture, completely united in community, and deeply committed to Christ—to the point of persecution—all for the sake of the gospel! They changed everything for Jesus and thus embodied what the Church must be. Today, we are sometimes hard pressed to ask Christians to change where they sit when they come to church!

So how do we do better? What must change so people can taste and see how good God is? First of all, we aren’t just talking about your local church—we are talking about being the Church (capital C) and it begins with identity. You don’t go to church… you are the Church. It’s a constant state of being that has purpose and character that shapes your identity.

You can be a great neighbor, a humble servant at your child’s school, an inclusive and encouraging friend, a forgiving and patient parent, a caring and sacrificial employee, and a person who cares for those who are hurting and broken. This is the work of the Church—to be people who bring life and give away our love. Perhaps you can capture this simple and hopeful ache to be the Church the best way we know how.

What’s one thing you can do differently in order to be the Church the best way you know how?