• When: 11/24/15
  • QIC: Hatter
  • The PAX: Hatter; Kamikaze; Meso; FMJ; Binary; Hamm; Two Gloves; Senator; Staph; Prairie Dog

11/24/15 Hatter Keep’s Them Warm

Warm Up Run to Tennis Court Parking Lot

1. Merkens 20x (IC)
2. SSH 50x (IC)
3. Squats 25x (IC)
4. Windmills 20x (IC)

Mosey to Tennis Court
1. Suicide and 10 Burpees
2. Suicide and 8 Burpees
3. Suicide and 6 Burpees
4. Suicide and 4 Burpees
5. Suicide and 2 Burpees

Mosey to Front of Gym Grass area

1. LBC’s 25x (IC)
2. Imperial Walkers 25x (IC)
3. Flutter Kicks 25x (IC)
4. Carolina Dry-docks 25x (IC)

Mosey to Hot Tub Hill and Partner-Up
1. P1 Runs 2 laps
P2 LBC’s Lap 1 and Squats Lap 2
Reverse P1 and P2

2. P1 Runs 2 Laps
P2 Merkens Lap 1 and SSH Lap 2
Reverse P1 and P2

Mosey to Front of Gym Grass area

Series 11
10 merkens/1 LBC
down to
1 merken/10 LBC’s

Dealer’s Choice
1. Prairie Dog = Calf raises in all directions
2. Binary = Freedom Twist

Prayer = Full Metal Jacket

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