• When: 6/6/15
  • QIC: Treadmill and No Help
  • The PAX: Rabbit Sherrif, Wrench, Inky, Bait Can, Cable Guy, Gun Smoke (respect), Low Rent, Treadmill, Freon, Dry Heave, No Help

11 pax post at the Old Armory in Winnsboro for animal loading and figure 8’s

It was Lexington’s turn to make the trip to Winnsboro and work with the pax there to get better and be better.  YHC and Treadmill had conspired to bring a snotwoggler since the Winnsboro pax had some experience under their belts and were already off and running weekday bootcamps and running groups.  Both Q’s for this workout had ties to Winnsboro so it was nice to be able to give back to a town that both of us had a past with.  So off we went and the thang happened with all getting better physically and building that o’ so special thing called brotherhood.

Weather: Perfection

The Thang:

• SSH x 20 IC TM
• Imperial Walkers x 20 IC NH
• Hillbillies x 15 IC TM (these are like Imperial Walkers, but knee to same side elbow)
• TTT x 15 IC NH
• SloMo Merkins x 15 IC TM
• SloMo Squats x 15 IC NH

Mosey to field for the Arkloader (Treadmill leading)
Load it up
• Bear crawl to blue cones (someone shot the Treadmill bear out of a cannon!)
• Frog jumps to red cones
• Gorilla walk to blue cones
• Crab walk to red cones
• Duck walk to blue cones
Unload the ark – all previous exercises in reverse
• Backwards Duck walk to red cones
• Backwards Crab walk to blue cones
• Backwards Gorilla walk to red cones
• Backwards Frog jump to blue cones
• Backwards Bear crawl to red cones

Mosey to The Grinder (Tennis Courts) for the Evil 8 (No Help leading)

Starting point – Squat x 20, sprint to next corner. Corner 2 Mountain Climbers x 20, lunge to middle. 10 burpees, lunge to corner 3. Squats x 20, sprint to next corner. Corner 4 Mountain Climbers x 20, lunge to middle. 10 burpees, lunge to original corner. Rinse and repeat for 12 minutes. (Trust me, it was only 12 minutes 🙂 )

Line up on edge of tennis courts, sprint to middle, backwards run back to starting point – 20 sumo squats. Sprint to opposite end, backwards run back to starting point – 20 calf raises. Rinse and repeat.

Bodybuilder breakdown
• Squat x 20
• In and out x 20
• Merkin x 20
• Plank jack x 20

Mosey back to field by fountain for ladder

Circle up for a 5×5 Ladder

  • Merkins – 30″
  • Rest 15”
  • Merkins, LBCs – 30”ea.
  • Rest 15”
  • Merkins, LBCs, Squats – 30”ea.
  • Rest 15”
  • Merkins, LBCs, Squats, Flutter Kicks – 30”ea.
  • Rest 15”
  • Merkins, LBCs, Squats, Flutter Kicks, Hip Dips – 30”ea.

Time for Mary – Dealers Choice

Treadmill – Boat/Canoe

No Help – Static Flutter Kick

Dry Heave – Russian Twist x 20 IC

Overhead Claps for what seemed like forever

Hello Dollies x 24 IC


Talked about how F3 helps you and those around you get better and the value that F3 can bring to your life.  Excellent group of dedicated men in Winnsboro, YHC can tell that there are going to be some amazing testimonials coming from this group as they continue to grow.


June 27 – Q School led by Columbia for Winnsboro


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