• When: 6-6-15
  • QIC: Dunphy
  • The PAX: Notebook, Iron Mary, Hoist, Implant, Peachy, CheeseSteak, Windex, Argyle, JJ, Gravedigger, Dunphy.

ASIAN James Brown on the Q

69 ish Dry

“This was not on the website!”

“U can’t spell Dunphy without “phun”

“Speak english Dunphy”

“Hummana Hummana Hummana”


“What is the count?”

“This is going to be a long time planking…”


YHC was honored with 11 pax breaking their fartsack coma for my first Q at the Hollow. YHC searched high and low for a volleyball court, kid sand box, litter box, anything at all gritty to bring my trademark sand misery to pax of The Hollow.  Despite the disappointment of finding nothing shifty, YHC concocted a menu of misery for the pax.  YHC had a slow start at the COP and had a few tongue tied  moments of gibberish, Filipino, and James Brown sounds coming out of my mouth.   The PAX enjoyed it and had a few laughs but that soon ended with the warm up round of Squat Jumps and  Split Squat Jumps.  Now that the pax was warmed up, we picked up some bricks and went to work THE GRIND of THE DAY.  Looked good and paper and even better actually doing it.  The pax grinded the Count Down Clock work out.  Great Work! Next time we can do a 24 Hour Clock Grind with blocks.  (Thanks Cheesesteak!).  Ended with a change of pace with a few new moves The Snake Tunnel and Crab Crawl/Bear Indian Crawl.  Always like to end the workout with something PHUN so the zombie chase brought us back to our recess days.

Hard work by the pax this morning.  Superb!

4 Pax Double Down for Buzzsaw’s 49th birthday Q at Shawshank.


  • Side Straddle Hops x 20 IC
  • Through the Tunnel X 20 IC
  • The Windmill X 20 IC
  • Hill Billy – x 15 IC
  • Big Pterodactyl X 10 IC Forward / 10 IC Backard

The Warm Up – High Speed Reps (Crowd pleaser!)

  • 20 X Squat Jumps OYO
  • 20 X Split Squat Jumps OYO
  • 20 X FULL Extension BBSU OYO
  • 20 X Merkins OYO,  Rinse & Repeat
The Grind- Count Down Clock (Crow pleaser)
  • Starting point – Side of Hill/stairs- Start at 1 o’clock position, do 1 merkin.  Next, 2 o’clock 2 merkins. Continue to 12 o’clock and 12 merkins. Military time version, start at 1300 hrs.
  • Middle of field – 12 Iron Cross – Chest Flys Combo, drop 1 at each rep
  • At end of field – 12 Squat Thrust-Hammer Curl-Shoulder Press, drop 1 at each rep
  • Sprint back to Starting Point. Rinse and Repeat
Snake Tunnel 
  • Pax high plank length wise, head to feet. Similar to Tunnel of Love but must army crawl weaving in/out under planks
Crab crawl/ bear crawl Indian run
Zombie Chase
  • Like Sharks & Minnow in a pool.  Object to run to the other end and not get caught by zombie.  Get caught and you become a zombie and help catch others.
  • Q whistles for runners. Short breaks for each run. Continue until 1- 2 are left. Switch out to become zombies and the rest runners.
  • Low side plank Toe touches 10 x IC each side
  • Flutter Kicks 20 X IC
  • Plank Flow – Varied plank positions



  • Winnsboro Travel Q by Lex Pax
  • Swanson’s father and family
  • Gravediggers family friend, David and family.  Pray for Wayne.
  • Walker & Phillips Family.


6/8 5:15a Stride & Crusade meet at RBHS for soccer

6/13 Color Vibe Run @ RBHS

6/27 Crucible

7/10&7/11 GORUCK Tough & Light

8/1 Sweet Baby O 5k

8/14-16 F3 Dads Camp

8/29 Stomp the Swamp & Convergence at BY

9/10-11 BRR

11/14 Lexington Half – Spartan Beast & Super

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